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    Hey guys ! hope all is well and grand in life ?

    I was wondering if any one can suggest some youtuber channels for me to watch with good content ?

    I watch some while in the gym training.

    The ones I watch regulalry right now are:

    Ear for me
    Terrance popp
    Mgtow 101
    Sunrise hoodie
    sand man ( on occasion)
    Howard dare
    Some tom lykies ( is that how you spell his name ? )

    Any other suggestions would be great, thanks guys

    – Casual guy


    I recommend you add 1791L, Paul J. Watson and Sargon of Akkad to your list.

    FYI, Thomas Joseph “Tom” Leykis

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    Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar

    All the others you’ve mentioned are great as an introductory but Bar Bar or Barbarossa’s videos were by far the best to objectively understand the dynamics of female mindset and behavior. There’s no going back once you’ve seen his videos.
    He hasn’t made anymore for a year or more. I looked and found the best way to study his work is to sort his videos by popularity and download the ones over 20 minutes or so.

    Every time another man turns MGTOW, an angel up in heaven gets HIS wings, who then comes down to earth and helps a post-wall hag by giving her a kitten Here’s three quick reads that explain MGTOW: The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar The Anatomy of Female Power by Chinweizu The Predatory Female by Rev Lawrence Shannon. #MANOUT


    Here are a few suggestions…and I recommend Sydney MGTOW.

    "Don't follow in my footsteps...I stepped in something."


    you may want to check out “Undoomed” and “Magog of Morskar”, too.

    I recommend “loyal eugene” as well, mainly because it is one of the mirrors for Big John’s “MGTOW is freedom” channel, which has been deleted by YouTube.
    Link is here:

    once you dug deeper into the rabbithole
    take a look at John’s new project on patreon, the “Society for Men’s freedom”.

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    Spetsnaz is like liquid candy flavored red pills
    truth that flows free.

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    I can only second Spetsnaz suggestion.

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    Rooster Booster
    Rooster Booster

    I like John The Other a lot.

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