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    Men are often trapped into supporting into a family that he never wanted. He expected this.He put kids through college and provided a comfortable home for women and children.
    He drove a hooptie that husbands inside joke called his fishing car, Everyone knew he was not allowed hobbies.He made enough the drive a king Ranch Ford not a beater in a fair world. The name of the game was provider not partner!Like the Halmark cards proclaimed.Her money was her money, his money was our money. Her woman’s group Lawyer and LGBT spokes person Edith A. Koochie on speed dial.You would be sent a document from her smart phone. It will give you a choice A) To move into your Mothers House B) comply to role of beast of burden. You will pay either way.Edith A. Koochie will get a large fee from you and better sex than you ever got.
    A man did without,worked hard, pay bills. Edith A. Koochie and ex got half his stuff. He did his obligation. Now he wants to buy something he wanted. He is called a name that it is sexist to spend money not on women. Yes he paid for plastic surgery and some Tohoes for her. She deserved that for putting up with her.My question after looking new mid engine vette. Knowing now there is no resale value in her. you had to slave away the same. What would you had a chance to put your money in(do over) what is it?

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