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    I am just gonna do a point on point response to the bulls~~~ ROK has been pumping out (newer more traditionalist writers have been pushing bulls~~~ on since they opened up the articles more). To read along with me here is the link to their article which tries to defend marriage

    In Defense Of Marriage

    Western civilization was built upon three pillars: marriage, Christianity, and family.

    The first f~~~ up in their article simply because western civilization is not based on Christianity. What set early America (the united states not the America of the 1600’s) apart from the other countries is the fact that it promoted the ideas such as freedom of religion which was unheard of in places were Catholics and Protestants were hunting each other and other Catholics and Protestants.

    Sex for women is much more emotional and cerebral than for men. In a marriage, women have time to develop the emotional attachment and trust for a man that allows them to relax and fully enjoy their sexual lives.

    The problem is that while Mr cucky is trying to find out how to sexually please his wife in a marriage over the amount of years his wife has had a good chance of divorcing him (divorce exists and is not unheard of) or the idea that you cannot find your bulls~~~ of sexual pleasing before your wife starts f~~~ing around with other people (which can happen with a coworker, a 15 minute session on tinder or the pool boy etc).

    Ashley Madison, the website purportedly for married cheaters, had almost no women members. The vast majority of female accounts were found to be fake.

    Ashley Madison is far more dedicated then the average cheater. If women f~~~ around they will do it just more likely with coworkers, a mutual friend (in a marriage it is different then the friendzone) or even a student. There could be only be 2 real women on that whole damn website it still does not change the facts of reality that women get bored and seek exciting men to fulfill their dull lives.

    Most married couples share everything, so being able to completely trust your spouse with the shared money pool is essential to your well-being.

    Aka give a woman access to your bank account details and share the wealth. Be the slave horse for women and society so the wife does not have to contribute as much into the household. But the best part is the fact of reality that this is a lose lose situation, by being the better slave horse and providing all the money you f~~~ up by having your wife be bored to death thereby having her have a bigger chance of her f~~~ing around on you in the day. But if she has a job she is more likely to find c~~~ so either way you are f~~~ed.

    My personal experiences (not the best evidence since it is an ancedote) is that women at work get obsessed over you and communicate to their friends and even boyfriends about you (meaning they know of your existence and even if the women don’t f~~~ you they wanna, if they could they would).

    If you have a good wife, you shouldn’t have to worry about her behavior

    One of the best tradcuck arguments because it revolves around simply arguing that if your wife does s~~~ty things you just picked a bad wife thereby it is your fault. In the tradcuck world of course it is not that you have no control over your wife (even in a world with control marriage would just be a slightly better deal still inferior to the mission) but the fact that you f~~~ed up choosing and you should have the magic ability to tell if the wife is good or bad even if she is acting.

    So of course get into the system and risk getting raped just in the hopes you got a good wife but even if she is not good you should be happy a woman agreed to marry you and likely had your kids (meaning she did not try to cuck you).

    Go through the excitement, fear, and physical pain of pregnancy and childbirth with someone

    Why the f~~~ would you want to go through 9 months of that bulls~~~? if i had to f~~~ing have a kid i would just say f~~~ it ill see you in 9 months when it is born. But even better is why should a man care about the pain of pregnancy and child birth when there are medical solutions to that? childbirth is far less painful today then 2000 years ago due to the advancements in science and technology.

    This sounds like the article was written by a woman pretending to be a man.

    Grow old with your spouse and watch as your bodies deteriorate in ways you never imagined possible, and realize you’re not one bit less attracted to her.

    The problem with this is that we are in the age of erection pills so while this woman’s fantasy or this complete ball less simp (i like to keep it original in my insults, cuck gets old) is that you will be attracted to to your wife in the old age erection pills and porn contradicts it. A f~~~ing 60 year old man can get it up watching porn or with the pills but without either he does not get it up with his equally old wife at the very least as much as he could decades ago.

    People aren’t perfect, so no marriage is perfect. God gave us free will because he loves us and wants us to share in the joy of his creation. People with free will are going to make mistakes. Spouses need to be forgiving.

    Spouses need to be forgiven means equally with the sin of adultery so if his wife went out and f~~~ed another man (or even a teenage boy) then he must forgive her of that sin. See your wife humping another man is simply her mistake and not just a deliberate action.

    Media culture provides no good role models for married couples. Hyper-feminism has trained a generation of women to be terrible wives. The lack of good role models and the modern welfare state has produced a lot of immature men that don’t understand the responsibilities of being good husband

    And to end this s~~~ is the fallacy of Equivocation. See of course women having power and showing off their nature without restriction and men just f~~~ing around and leaving the kids are the exact same thing when the fact remains men get treated differently.

    The guy who f~~~s around can end up in debt over child support and can go to jail over it while women have no legal price to pay for their bulls~~~. At the very most it is that if a woman lies enough about being raped and wastes enough police resources then she might get a relatively short sentence (not as much as her victims would).

    And to finish this out if this article was published here earlier i ask the mods simply to take this to the trash as i do not want to repeat what someone said.

    Just an east coast asshole who likes to curse, If you get offended by words like fuck, cunt, shit, piss, bitch or any racial slurs then you just scroll down.


    Women are a nightmare. Marriage is a modern day disastrous institution. I didnt even read the article, but I can tell you this. Most of my married friends hate their life. The modern day women is so addicted to their cell phones and selfies that nothing else matters. Besides the worlds Opiod epidemic especially in the US. The western female is a harpie, self serving, self centered cluster f~~~ and will eventually lead a man and their family to self destruction. I will not participate or bother wasting my time on reading any author or institution trying to sell me on the idea of marriage. Rogue…


    The western female is a harpie, self serving, self centered cluster f~~~ and will eventually lead a man and their family to self destruction.


    Johnny zero
    Johnny zero

    I read the article & it sounds good, but if you have lived on planet Earth for any length of time you know better.
    Life isn’t like a Hollywood movie or a half hour sitcom
    I will agree that TV fathers are portrayed as first rate goof b~~~~ other than that the whole thing is a fantasy.
    Thanks for post & your insights.

    See things as they are and not as you would want them to be


    The WHOLE article is a LIE written for bluepillers to convince them that the ‘marriage contract’ is still a good thing despite the CARNAGE happening before their very eyes.

    We live in a time that will go down in history as the worst society promoting the worst of women the world has ever seen! - MG-Tower

    A relationship with a woman is criminalized by default. A man is guilty until proven innocent without requiring any evidence, and simply based on the woman’s statements. The legal hell that has been set up by the feminazis should be the number one deterrent for men from going into any relationship with a woman.

    Fr Jack
    Fr Jack

    Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly.

    Secret Agent MGTOW
    Secret Agent MGTOW

    Still trying to sell the same old s~~~ sandwich. Just changing the packaging.

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.


    Same s~~~ different author.

    Always remember….more you see it, more their trying to sell it. Because its collapsing.

    Shit Tested, Cunt Approved.


    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
    what god joins let no man put asunder
    A heavenly marriage cannot be separated or divorced.
    God’s jurisdictional authority is not subject to earthly courts.

    earthly courts are still subject to god’s laws
    of natural self evident reality.

    If it happens then it must have been the will
    of natures creator.
    HA! HA! HA!

    naturally females have fought and won the right
    to provide for and protect themselves.

    I like gods will.
    It is liberating.

    All The Females Are Undeniably Like That !! AT-FAULT. NAWALT=Not Any Women Are Like That. "Real Women are beautiful, flawless and heavenly created perfect beings." "Where are all the "REAL WOMEN"? Their scarcity makes them valuable. They are Hidden in the sea of ignorant, selfish, adult female human beings who do not deserve the title " REAL WOMAN"

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