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    My best friend committed suicide.
    I first met Mike in my first year after transferring to a University as a Junior
    He was my roommate in my dorm. He transferred from Caltech.
    At the time I was taking a lot of Upper Division Mathematics courses and hadn’t started my upper division Physics courses.
    He was trying to relearn Calculus and Differential Equations since he had dropped out from Caltech for a while…
    and so I tutored him on the Math part while he was taking some Physics.
    The next year I started my Upper Division Physics which I struggled with because I bypassed almost all lower division Physics courses…
    so while Mathematically my answers would make sense…Physically they didn’t…and Mike ended up tutoring me in Physics and helping me get up to speed until I got enough base knowledge of physics under my belt where my Intuition in solving Physics problems advanced and then began to be on par with his, and then surpassing him due to my better training in Mathematics.
    He focused on the Experimental side of Physics and I focused on the Theoretical and Mathematical side….
    We hung out a lot, were housemates in several houses off campus….and we hung out together after we both dropped out of school and then when we both
    went back to school to finish our degrees.
    So….an old friend whom I’ve known for over 35 years who had a lot of serious health issues and emotional and financial issues that life dealt him.
    He got dealt a s~~~ty hand at the poker table of life, but made the most of it, and played his hand pretty well.
    He had been suicidal for decades….but he got diagnosed with a rare and fatal medical condition and his health had started to deteriorate very rapidly and he was looking at
    spending the rest of his short life in an Iron Lung, in pain…and he didn’t want to have his life end that way.
    So he took the very courageous step of ending his life on his own terms.

    I tried to give him little doses of the Red Pill…but …it was just too much for him to accept. He just couldn’t do it emotionally.
    He couldnt’ come to the terms that women are all Hypergamous, and that women (with very very few exceptions) actually (and very dimly) will “love” a man….
    and that this applies not only to women that he had a romantic interest in but also his mom, sister, and so on….women are flat out incapable of experiencing love the way a man does in terms of depth and intensity.

    And this was a constant source of befuddlement for him. To the very end of his life…he kept reaching out towards women: seeking love and never finding it.
    In the end….he died alone.
    I have a post that he made to FB as he was dying of a screenshot of a text message he had sent to a young woman.
    He posted it on 24 March 2019…and died that very morning.
    I am not sure if TinyPic will host the screen shot…but I am going to give it a go…

    In case it doesn’t go through, the Text message Transcript is as follows:
    9:34 AM – Phone Charge 19%
    Mike: “Also a photocopy of my “executed” – signed – Last Will and Testament”
    Mike: “I’ll be in Spokane for a week or so and then back here”
    Mike: “Please come and visit me, even if you cannot stay”
    Mike: “The sound of your voice would be a great comfort to me in my time of sorrow”
    Arabella: (no answer)

    Next message to Arabella on 24 March
    9:33 AM with Phone Charge at 19%
    Mike: I shall die soon
    Text Message Response on Phone
    “Free Msg: Receiver 15039282957 – unable to receive message – Message Blocking is Active.”

    He later died that morning. He posted the managed to post the message to his FB account and link it to Arabella’s FB account.

    So if you guys are wondering why you are alone, or why women are so callous and cold….it’s because they are incapable of empathy and love.
    You are nothing more than a useful plow horse whose job is to plow the field with, until a better deal comes along and she can trade you in for a better plow horse.
    You are just a means to an end and nothing more: and not someone they necessarily want to be around.
    (see: Briffault’s Law)

    For most women: you are just a S~~~ Burger that they have to bite into in order to have a chance at having a roof over her head, some nice things and a chance at a liveable retirement
    instead of the drudgery of working for the rest of her life and struggling.

    Mike had helped out Arabella in the past…but he was dying and all he asked was just a little company and he was no longer useful…so he was blocked.
    He got used…
    And this sort of thing happened time after time throughout his entire life…as it has happened to myself and to others on this forum.

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