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    Tomorrow is the Illinois primary election, which I am an election judge at my local polling station. I got a call from the tech judge that some of our election judges are not participating due to virus fears. So out of the original 8 judges; there is now down to 3 of us (me and 2 women). I just wonder how this is going to work out with only 3 of us working if we get a big crowd.

    The only thing I hope for tomorrow is that enough people voted early so that we have a low but steady voter turn out tomorrow, because I hate it when so many people come at once. In case if it gets slow, I brought my Conan The Barbarian book and my Men’s Health magazines. All I know is that it’ll be a very long 16-hour day (I wake up at 4AM and I don’t get home until 8PM). At least there’ll be corned beef and cabbage when I get home since it IS St. Patrick’s Day.

    It’ll be a long day, yes, but at least I’ll earn $200 which I’ll put towards the Star Wars 4K movie collection at the end of the month. Earn that paycheck!

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