Never Trust Her Birth Control or Lack of Fertility

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    Rule of thumb- The chances of a woman having an “unplanned pregnancy” are directly related to how much money a man makes or has.They know what they are doing. (UN+$

    This is true. I am not even sure how concsious it is with them sometimes. I genuinley think that for many women sex with a new man that they perceive as high SMV makes them more fertile. It certainly makes them more enthusiastic for sex and more orgasmic, so why not more fertile too? That is not to say for a moment that they are also not crafty as hell. Women have been known for capturing men with children since forever but a lot of their behaviour is not too reasoned. Reason never was what their sex was celebrated for. Their womb just controls them as much as a man’s knob controls him. It is just that as a man approaches 40 he more or less wins the battle with the knob, while as a woman approaches the wall, her womb usually gets in total control of her.

    american dad animated show drops red pill truths subtlely on this

    one episode:

    the mom to the daughter: rings catch girls, babies trap boys

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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