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    Just ordered a Battery for an ANCIENT Dell D-610 laptop. How old? IDE DRIVE. Yea, it’s a ROAD APPLE.

    Well, the battery that came came SO DEAD, it had less than a volt of charge. So? I still need to work on the laptop to get it ready for some young Deaf dude at the Probation office.

    Another PROUD MGTOW Young man made. You know, they like to HIDE their FLOCK from me these days. Oh so sad. Just another Informant in the waiting. Money talks. BULLS~~~ WALKS as they say.

    Just to Clarify, I am NOT giving him this laptop for that. I saw he needed something after he gut ROYALLY F~~~ED!

    So I was suppose to deliver this week. BUT. THe battery that came in was s~~~ obviously. THe seller said they would just refund the money. Well. Okay. Guess I have some new f~~~ed up cells. THe construction of this battery is STUPID. It charges all of them IN SERIES LOL. So NO voltage balancing. Whatever. I like these CHEAP china copy battery. You can always swap in new cells as you see fit.

    So I need to make sure to get some work done on the laptop. So what am I doing?

    MEET my FRIEND the CAR BATTERY CHARGER! I am a BIG fan of the Schumacher Battery chargers! I found out that a few years ago, my First one failed. Well.. 6 years later, it turns out that it was just the damn battery cable clamp that gave up the ghost. FIxed and now I have too. Living in the modern world is great!

    So I use these to Charge up dead batteries or laptops that don’t have a DC power plug. Well, I got it up to about 12V in about 20 min. Not bad. from like nothing. It’s charging on the laptop right now. Awaiting a fire any moment! I was able to get the battery itself to boot up in the laptop. THe Laptop says its at 2% right now. Now bad. VOltage on pack is about 10.7 volts under no load. Cool.

    So I have to order another one. THe cells on this battery are bad, and they won’t last worth crap. so.

    In the meantime, I got it working. And I got a refund coming as well. THey cells are still junk now, but at least while I patch this system load an OS on it, I won’t have to worry so much about losing power in the middle etc. Nothing like losing all your updates and patch work and have to start from scratch again. THAT SUCKS!

    Anyways, If any of you refurbish laptops to give away, or happen to still HELP eww.. People. This is a great way to revive batteries for at least a bit. The OEM DEll batteries are NOTORIOUS for going out early. But it’s a safety thing with these cells. THe cells themselves are still good. Just not as good as they USE to be. I have to get new batteries for my Flagship Laptop I use daily.

    In the meantime, I am building a solar panel for my VAN. I PREFER to use Lithium ion Cylindrical cells from laptops if I have to use them in a car. The HEAT alone worries me about using Lithium Ion in a car. No worries with lead acid. THAT never blows or catches on fire.

    I usually use these old cells in Solar lights and projects around the house.

    Every once in a while, I mod Dollar tree flashlights and put in a USB charging circuit in it, WOrks great. I hand them out to kids and Stupid people who ride their bikes at night and homeless folks. Sometime I Mod the DOllar tree Solar lights to give out. THey have gotten so good, I mod them so they can hang them up in their tents. THey actually do last at least 6 hours. Not bad.

    I plan on Making some KILLER Path way lights with some Lithium ion cells and some other parts. I just have to order a Bulk some solar chipsets that use the Lithium Ion voltage. Hopefully, I can find some cheap. Almost all of them are of the 1.5v Nicd style.

    If anyone knows where I can get those in BULK and CHEAP! LET ME KNOW!

    Also, What projects are you guys up to for the summer?

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this.

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