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    I have suspected this for a long time with my epilepsy. The doctors have been telling me I had pre and post-ictal events with my seizures but they were lasting too long and were far too intense. I have woken up from them strapped down in a padded hospital bed. Last week, my neurologist told me what I have suspected for a long time: I have Status Epilepticus. Status Epilepticus is like epilepsy on steroids’, you are free to look it up. It has already caused brain damage and thank God for spellcheck because I f-ck up every other word. Most epileptics have seizures that last 2-5 minutes, mine don’t stop until the paramedics or doctors shoot me up. If they don’t get to me after 30-60 minutes, I can suffer brain damage or death. This will probably be my undoing.

    The strange thing is that I’m not afraid to look at my grave. In fact, this condition has made me braver. With everyone trying to make each other miserable over war, politics, Covid-19 and wives, what can they do to me? We can only die once but we all do that. So then what? Those things will not fit in our caskets or urns, only peace.

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