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    That’s it. Forget it. I am not voting for Trump. What an ass. What a buffoon. This is the last straw.

    Trump had Epstien where he wanted him. Trump could have taken the whole thing down. The whole corrupt two-party bulls~~~ government. Every one of them. Now all we have is another body for the count. This had to have been a sting operation from the moment Epstien landed back in the US. I now think everything everyone has said about Trump is true. Trump is either a buffoon, or is playing us like a fiddle. It’s one or the other.

    Tommy Robinson is in Jail, and Trump is helping ASAP the rapper get out of jail. At least Bill Clinton saved those girls who wandered into N Korea. Trump shot off his big mount, calling Kim “little rocket man”, so Kim tortured and killed the young man, and then sent him back to embarrass the US and rub s~~~ in our noses. Now Kim makes Trump look like an ass by pretending to have nothing to do with it, which only an absolute idiot would believe, and Kim takes happy pictures with Trump.

    Where is the wall? Not one f~~~ing mile of wall, and all these dumbasses in the Breitbart comments section are like, “Ann Coulter is a bitch, Trump is great, etc…”

    Roger Stone, General Flynn, Paul Manafort, Julian Assange, etc… all the people who got Trump elected… they have all been jailed or ruined.

    Trump had Epstien. Trump should have had Epstiem transferred to the basement of the Whitehouse for safeguarding. Julian Assange as well. The police still have the “insurance” laptop, and what is Trump going to do with that? Nothing. Maybe Trump is afraid for his life. There may be something to that. But he wanted this job. He asked for it. And he’s not doing it. What a waste.

    More illegals then ever now in our country. Nothing being done to stop it. Soros still roams free financially backing antifa and the destruction of the US. Hiliary not in jail. Strozk and Comey still running about. Chemtrail Brennan still has his sec. clearence.

    Trump is a buffoon. Unbelievable he let Epstien get whacked. Unf~~~ing believable. Any idiot saw this coming. A MGTOW even put the headline on here a few weeks ago. It is obvious Trump will do nothing and the country will still crash and burn. And yet, he will win the election. This sucks.

    Just sit back and watch the whole thing burn, I guess. The evil two-headed party mafia that runs our country will all get away with all of it. This sucks.

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