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    Should the United States Stay United?

    The United States has never been an equal, peaceful, or functional nation, despite what the history textbooks say. It was built from genocide, slavery, and stolen land. This year, the Black Lives Matter protests and the abolition movement, coupled with a pandemic that preys most on people consistently excluded from the broken health care system, demonstrate the lie of our “more perfect union” even more. Will there ever come a time to abandon this myth and the 50 “united” states altogether? If so, is that moment already here?

    ,……………This shouts Trump win 2020. The liberal leftist here are calling for a hell of a lot of the things conservatives have called for some time now. When 0bama was in office shoving his s~~~ down everyone the right was all lets break the union. Still a good amount of that nrxt door in Texas.

    mgtow is its own worst enemy-

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