Overt Racist Misandry on College Campus – Hatred of white males mainstreamed

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    The extermination of white men is the long term goal of the left.

    Only partially correct.

    Have you heard of the phrase :
    “the truth is stranger than fiction” ?

    I have to finish my video series on this. It’s tough finding facts and resource out there that are not bulls~~~ so I can show sources and references and make a credible argument. But in fact, death is not what they really are after in the whole. If that was true, South Africa would have killed all the Boers by now. They know better. They do that, everything comes crashing down.

    It’s not to kill white men. It’s much more nefarious. You can’t see it since you can’t really envision true eveil. Leave that to the profesinals.

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this. http://register-her.net/web/guest/home


    I agree that killing white men, who have produced as many solutions and wealth as they have produced, would be a mistake. After all, you don’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, right? But if you don’t own that goose, and you don’t own the production and the product, then a goose that lays golden eggs can generate an enormous amount of envy and hate. So if you’re a smart lefty/feminist, what you would instead seek to do would be to find a way to take ownership of and enslave that goose, without doing any damage to its ability to produce. If the goose has things in its psyche that make it resistant to being owned by someone else, eliminating those things would be the first place to start.

    When I see the term toxic masculinity defined, it’s never defined as the qualities in men that will allow and motivate them to revolt against tyranny, find solutions to problems that plague everyone, and create wealth for everyone. These things are the golden egg. It’s always defined (in the negative) as the things like strength, assertive, independence, dominance and aggression. And these are the things that are the obstacle to 3rd party ownership of all those other qualities that are so valuable, and so necessary to everyone else’s life and comfort. That’s the obstacle they want to eliminate.

    Feminize and enslave those you can. Attack those you can’t.

    They still want someone to mine for their coal and iron, drill for their oil, and farm for their food. They still want someone to put themselves at risk fighting for their freedom and safety, along with all the other voluntary risks to personal safety that must be taken for them to continue their lives in peace, safety and comfort. They just want to take ownership control of that production. And they want dictatorial control over a man’s decision to take personal risks for their benefit.

    These are the things they want. ‘Toxic masculinity’ as they define it, is just a list of things that get in the way of them taking those things.

    I don’t necessarily believe that white males have been able to accomplish all that has been accomplished as a result of any genetic superiority. Even if I did believe that, proving it would be impossible. But I have noticed that there are some behaviors that, voluntarily adopted, create similar abilities to accomplish things and overcome adversity for any who choose them. 1) A value on education and a willingness to invest enormous effort and sacrifice to acquiring it. 2) strong family/business relationships 3) Strong work ethic 4) Religion or personal or family honor, or some other system of accountability to something outside yourself.

    Historically, white European males have done these things pretty well. Women have never done them all, or all that well. Presently, western feminists, socialists and other leftists have rejected one or all of these things. In my view, Asian culture is presently doing them better than anyone else, and they have the results to show for it. How does that relate to the topic at hand?

    If you do a search on inter-ethnic relationships, it’s an easy to find statistic that the most common interethnic relationship on the planet today is the combination of Asian female/caucasian male. You’ll need to do a search, because it is predictably not publicized by leftist media. But NO ONE who has been paying attention will see this as any kind of coincidence. While there’s not an enormous number of inter-ethnic relationships overall, that particular combination keeps coming up when there is. Individual white males (who can) are already abandoning a civilization that they are largely responsible for building. Every white male who does this is withdrawing everything of value he has to offer a white female, and offering it to a woman of another culture and of another color. In exchange, he gets the respect and loyalty from an Asian female that he may have gotten from a white female 100 years ago. Ironically, that’s enough to make the escape and redirecting of his allegiance worth it.

    Those who aren’t able to escape are going to be given a choice: be a willing slave or be (constantly) attacked for your unwillingness (aka toxic masculinity).

    Anyone sees any other options, I’m listening. But while I’m listening, I’m starting to study Asian culture and Asian countries to see where I might be a better fit…

    Look, it's not my fault that tornado dropped a house on your sister. Now get back on your broom and get your ass out of here... and take your monkeys with you

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