photograph subjects up to 45 km (28 miles) away in a smog-plagued urban areas

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    A new camera can photograph you from 45 kilometers away
    Developed in China, the lidar-based system can cut through city smog to resolve human-sized features at vast distances.

    Long-distance photography on Earth is a tricky challenge. Capturing enough light from a subject at great distances is not easy. And even then, the atmosphere introduces distortions that can ruin the image; so does pollution, which is a particular problem in cities. That makes it hard to get any kind of image beyond a distance of a few kilometers or so (assuming the camera is mounted high enough off the ground to cope with Earth’s curvature).

    But in recent years, researchers have begun to exploit sensitive photodetectors to do much better. These detectors are so sensitive they can pick up single photons and use them to piece together images of subjects up to 10 kilometers (six miles) away.

    Nevertheless, physicists would love to improve even more. And today, Zheng-Ping Li and colleagues from the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai show how to photograph subjects up to 45 km (28 miles) away in a smog-plagued urban environment. Their technique uses single-photon detectors combined with a unique computational imaging algorithm that achieves super-high-resolution images by knitting together the sparsest of data points.

    —————————-Some times I would just like to tell these people to stop already.

    mgtow is its own worst enemy-


    That’s odd. Did not show up on new post feed. Hmm.

    What is your Background in Lenses? I still can not seem to comprehend aperture and light stops on mine.

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    Faust For Science
    Faust For Science

    The environmentalists ignoring the pollution in China and India is proof that “environmentalism” is not about helping the environment, but destroying western civilization. The environmentalists are funded by foreign interests to tear down and depopulate western civilizations.

    While at the same time, the environmentalists ignore the literal rivers of s~~~ and toxic waste that continue to flow in China and India. The reason is simple, if the environmentalists tried their s~~~ in China or India, the environmentalists would be imprisoned on charges of being the spies and saboteurs that they are.

    By wikipedia:

    “Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening a polity, effort, or organization through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. One who engages in sabotage is a saboteur. Saboteurs typically try to conceal their identities because of the consequences of their actions.”

    That is exactly what environmentalists are. There are laws in the U.S. and other nations to arrest “saboteurs”, but much of the government is corrupt and receiving bribes and favors from the same foreign interests whom fund the environmentalists.


    Boy the Stasi are freaking jealous about this camera.

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.


    Faust: I don’t think anybody is ignoring pollution in China and India.

    Rather, as countries become richer and more developed, they can afford more pollution control. You’re already seeing that with flue gas desulfurization being outfitted on many coal-fired power plants in China.

    Environmentalists often don’t recognize the trade-offs associated with reducing pollution. You pay for emission controls with higher fuel costs (to remove more sulfur from fuel additional hydroprocessing is required), higher vehicle costs (think of the catalytic converter and the precious metals contained therein). For fixed power generation stations, you pay for the lime, limestone, waste disposal, etc for flue gas desulfurization and generate less steam.

    ANYONE that disrupts the growth juggernaut that keeps the politicians in power, OR threatens their power, in China is deemed a threat — radical environmentalists, ethnic groups, religions, etc.

    That said, there is certainly politics associated with environmentalism.

    Let’s take a few examples & my opinions:

    tetra-ethyl lead in gasoline: Very bad to be exposed, especially for children
    lead-based paint: Not as bad, but still an exposure issue
    VOCs, ground-level ozone: Very bad
    PM2.5: Very bad
    SOX, NOX: Bad — acid rain is real
    Carbon dioxide: In my opinion, not a major concern at all

    What is your opinion on these various pollutants?

    Most environmentalists are not saboteurs — rather, they just value clean air, water, and soil greatly. Unfortunately, many environmentalists don’t have a good grasp of economic realities.

    You have to factor in the costs to incrementally reduce concentrations of contaminants, when setting standards.

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