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    Kristin Scott Thomas. From this:
    to this:
    And then to this:

    First pic… ok, decent. Second pic… ok, older but decent, I age too.. third pic…wtf?

    No longer can we walk away, we must run. Remove the motive power.

    Handsome Vic
    Handsome Vic

    Never liked her. She played a cheating whore of a wife in The English Patient. Of course, women overwhelmingly liked that film. Well, except for Elaine Benes (Seinfeld) — but that was the joke.

    I'm going my own way. Maybe I'll see you there.


    the good lord designed it all and programed the DNA and Hormones to act on the body, to create all these gifts for women!!!! Be happy ladies with what he gave you and what you got!!! Trust the plan.

    A few months ago, a friend of mine opined that he thought thongs, slinky dresses, quack skirts, blouses with cleavege, high heels, make up, and such were all “hunting supplies and gear”. Now I cannot help but observe that virtually all women do this, use them, and spend tons of money on them, usually our money. And we often, when hitched, see face cream, curlers in hair, flannel night gowns and so and so and so. Is there any doubt that the core operation and MO of these hordes of women is based in deception, deceit, false pretenses, manipulation, and the like [all “bad” qualities]??? brothers, it is NOT for other women, as the truth is that most women cannot stand each other, rather it is solely to manipulate men with their appearances for their own selfish purposes and ego. And when the underlying “corpse” turns sour, allot of bitterness and anger usually follow, all bottled up, waiting for a release on US. And if this thread is correct which i write, YIKES, I need to do more sports with my male friends, skip any “dating”, give up any motivation to bang one of them, and just avoid ALL THAT JAZZ. Think about it, as to NON family, after 20 years, how many “good women friends” do you have, compared to the guys that have always stuck with you and are always the same, and are always true with their advise and comments??? ZERO would be the likely answer. I’ll tell a little blue pill story. Years ago a man, husband, about 30, was in the sporting goods store and wanted to buy a fishing lure, then a small pocket knife, all of $6. He told me he had to ask his wife on Aisle 6 if he could. I should have prospered more, had i paid attention to him about life with a wife.

    your dna dictates your need to approach women.... their dna dictates what they do when you arrive

Viewing 3 posts - 1,481 through 1,483 (of 1,483 total)

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