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    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    Should pale death with treble dread, make the ocean caves our bed, God who hears the surges roll, deign to save the suppliant soul. – The Lighthouse (2019)

    Monochrome stills bygone and ancient, Uboats and Luistanias, bodies wrapped in blankets.
    yellowed-newspaper, yellow-bellied, yellow-ribbons in Absentia.
    To present-pixel, digital dreaming in 2-Demensional delirium,
    a laptop’s cartoon featuring patrol cars flaming.
    It cant be real but for the heat felt on your face!
    A fever pitched reclamation to the Ministry of Truth’s satuRACEtion. eulogy and Farewell to Arms
    Anesthetic gospel, put a muzzle on the lamb, put a muzzle on the lamb.
    …Ye mighty and despair, get down on all fours, boundless and bare-back.
    The hand of folded Jacks, and the centipedes that feed the Neo-Desert of Humility.

    man up means man down

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