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    With that said, I have had one great day! A ton of my EBAY orders came in, so I got to town today to finish installing the light I ordered. I had a BUNCH of old String LED lights, but it was time to retire/ Refurbish some sets.

    I got the Twinkling Arch way redone and re bulbed. I have yet to find a set of set of incandescent replacement bulbs for it. The other string sets have these funny Cylinder concave LED’s you can only get from CHinese suppliers in sets of a 1000. Well that would be great, but there is no easy way to buy them. I need about a 1000 LED diodes to fix them. Usually the Positive Leg on the LED corrodes. And you can’t get them easy without the flange on them. Sure I can order a 100 for $12 bucks, but… then I bought the sets for less then $4.oo many years ago. Amazed at how long they have lasted or rather how long I was able to keep them going. 🙂

    They are going to be serving Tree Duty this year if I get around to it.

    SO far, I found the best deal out there this year, so I am ordering as many as I can before the weather gets to cold to really do good work outside.

    So check this out.. I found these lights on Ebay. They look like the ones on Amazon.

    BUT… I got mine from EBAY. Sure, I had a problem with 2 of the sets.. But I was able to find the problem. Took me 3 hours to fix one set till I found out the issue, then was able to get the other sets working.

    Thing is, THESE THINGS ARE TINY! AND PERFECT for my application. I was able to run them outside right under the fence rails where I had the old string lights. But THESE LOOK PERFECT! I’m still perfecting the install, but they look SO GOOD!

    THe ones I ordered are 100 LED’s in s string, so I think about 30M of lights. SO about 98.5 feet. I ordered an 8 pack of them for……

    $12.00! THat’s right 12 bucks!

    So what else is the catch other then a bit sub par? Well. They are USB powered.. SO I took the Can of WD-40, and got the Connectors nice and lubed up to keep them from rusting/corroding. I’m also going to wrap them up so no water gets in.

    The other bad part.. THEY ARE USB. Also, they don’t connect end to end. I was looking around the house for USB wall chargers, and found that I can only find 3 of them…OF THE 12 I might have around.. LULZ!

    So, back on EBAY to buy a 10 pack of USB wall chargers. Again, about $12.00 bucks. Not bad. THey should be here this next week.

    So THen it was extension cords.. WELL.. I kind of used up all mine. And when I went to go buy some, they were out of the dark green I like to use. Also the price.. HOLY MACKEREL! I would have to buy about $120 dollars worth of cords.. DUUCK THAT!!

    SO, off to lowes I go. Its amazing how some things are some much cheaper and some things, you look at and wonder why the HELL they cost so much.

    See, I have TONS of ethernet cable. I actually ordered a 1000 foot box a while back for a KILLER DEAL! I even got the black color cable sheathing. And its the GOOD quality stuff. I think I bought a 1000 feet of it for like $25 bucks shipped to my door.

    Since I needed so many runs, I decided to make my own DIY extension cords. THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS. I am A PRO STUPID PERSON! DO NOT TRY or TRY AT YOUR OWN PERRIL! Also, Make sure to use a GFI. But since I already have one outside, no problem!

    I went off to lowes and picked up a pack of 10 outlets for $5.00 bucks! GOt 5 Blue electrical boxes for .24 cents each, (latter found out I was one short-more on that later) and a pack of covers for them for about $2.44 and also got some Frosted 1/4″ poly tubing to be used later or to protect the wire runs just in case I want to bury them Got 150 feet of it for about $20 bucks. Had one hell of fun convo with a guy a lowes. TOol talk man. Love it!

    So, I get home after raising some Eyebrows driving with my new Mask I got. (All ready for my Joker THeater day! 🙂

    YEA.. I wore that to WALMART.. AND while driving. Pretty good visibility I might add. Comfortable too!
    It’s then I noticed I need breath mints.. LOL.

    So I get home and start to build the electrical cords I need for the sizes that I need them to be.

    I got my Cable set out and got the box out, pulled the wires, and started going to town on making the outlets boxes I needed. After getting 2 sets made up, I was going to shoot them with some varnish inside, but just used WD-40 as I was out to keep the electoral contacts from corrosion.

    Now here is the thing. THERE was NO WAY I was going to BUY some plugs that you just put on the ends of the cables. the least expensive ones I could get are $3.50. Screw that. I can make respectable outlets for less then buck! SO that’s why I did it this way.

    I also have TONS of PC electrical cords. Many from UPS and stuff that already have a RInged ground terminal. THey also still have a rubber grommet on the end too! So hey fit perfectly inside the plastic receptacle box.

    I needed 2 of them. got them both on the ground leg of the first outlets, and then daisy chained 2 more to it. with about 100 feet of ethernet cable for the runs. I was careful to make sure I did not kink any of the cables.

    I used a Orange & brown pairs for the Hot side and Blue & Green Pairs for the Neutral side. I used my hot air station to strip the wires, pulled it of easy with my finger nails, and then attached them to the screws on each corresponding side.

    GOt the first set done, then tested with my meter then tested at 120v. ALL GOOD! I did not run a Ground wire to the other 2 outlets in the chain. No need. It’s just going to powering a small 5v 1 Amp USB wall wart. These things SIP power so I’m WAY safe for the load of wire. THe wire gauge. Even with 3 USB chargers on the line, that comes out to all of less then .3 watts at load. (TESLA THANK YOU FOR AC POWER!)

    The effective gauge of the wire is 16 AWG when combined. THAT’S pretty much like buying cheap stranded extension cord. But this is solid core, so there is more meat in the wire anyways. I could run it up tp 12 amps no problem. SO MORE then I need.

    The ethernet cable really is not made to be used as extension cord, but I’m just pulling thecords and installing them on along the fence where I need the outlets next to the USB lead of the Lights I bought. I just finished up running the cord along the fence. And have one set power up and running. I ran the other side, but I have to wait till I get the USB chargers this next week.

    SO.. I need to test them. ANd.. I needed a USB outlet.. SO… I had some old routers laying around. An old belkin and a net gear. SO.. THey are hanging on the FENCE right now… TILL it get my USB chargers so I could do a test and get zipped tied in perfectly. I ran out of ZIp ties the other day before, and had to use electrical tape to keep them their temporally. I will be fixing that soon. I got a 1000 4 inch zip ties for a buck or so, and just got them in today. I just doubled up on them and they work PERFECTLY and are hardly noticeable. I still have to finish up the install of the LED on the fence to make them look SUPER PRO tomorrow.

    I got them looking SO GOOD MAN! THere are a few areas where they dip a bit and are not PERFECTLY straight and flush on the fence top rail, but I was able to fix the few small problem areas. I did use some electrical tape to black out areas where the lights would look hokey on some of the transitions, but will use some Black Nail polish to cover then up later.

    In order to test the last 2 strings, I just used my USB power brick. It only lasts about 30 min on a full charge. But at least I was able to test them, and look for any visually bad areas to touch them up.

    For the last run, I had not plugged in the other cord yet. So I just used my Chrome book to test the last run I did.

    I still have one more string to install to get the entire perimeter of the fence done around the the house done. I might have to use two to keep it all a solid as there are no breaks and all the LED’s are Evenly spaced for the whole 800 and some change for the face permeitner.

    I will post up some pictures or video of the Finished install on this thread when it’s all done when I get the rest of the parts in the mail.

    I plan on just using some saran wrap over the USB wall chargers and the outlets to keep then dry as this is going to be a permanent set up. I also have to get some Black/ Brown spray paint to cover up the outlets so they don’t stick out.

    Now, As I said.. I only picked up 5 outlet boxes. So, the last one.. Um.. Well. It does not have a box. It does have a wall plate on it.. But no box. SO.. Out with the Heavy duty tape and made it Pretty damn solid and safe! I was going to use my Hot Snot gun, but this works. It’s going to be wrapped up in plastic anyways. And the low profile of the thing I made really is a thing of beauty. It looks great. It’s going to be hidden behind a tree, so.. Not worried about it. 🙂 Like I said, DO NOT TRY THIS AT YOUR HOME.

    I still have to run a real extension cord to the plug on the extension cords, and want to keep it off the ground so no one trips over it.

    Man.. WHAT A COOL Friday night. TO say that I’m happy would be an understatement. MAN I love saving money! I got all this done for less then $30 bucks man! NOW THAT us SUPER!

    And when you look at it, it looks like the lights they put up at the shopping malls on the roofs. All perfectly evenly spaced. Zero Gaps!

    The pics I took are crummy since they were taken with my Asus Chromebook flip. But not bad for night shots. Minus he last one.

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