Proof of the carousel and beta wallet, told as a love story

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    To summarise, woman rides the carousel hard “By 40, with a string of unsuccessful liaisons behind me, I was growing desperate.”. Then with the last of her fertility slipping through her hands “And then I met ‘Mr Right’. He was witty, intelligent, interesting and great company. I could see myself growing old with him, and I very much wanted his children.”. Funny how she had ridden the carousel for over 20 years and then just happened to meet Mr right after all that searching isn’t it?

    But unfortunately Mr Right didn’t want children, but luckily so she could ride the carousel longer she had “Fortunately, I had one thing on my side: I had frozen eggs.”. So she chose a sperm donor and got pregnant, at 42.

    One thing she admits is “I’d spent too long with the wrong men and lost the good men I might have kept”. An admission that she had ridden the carousel hard, and that all the while there was a line of Alpha’s outside her door she had considered the Beta orbiters “creepy”?

    So being 42 and pregnant she was in desperate need of a beta wallet to pay for it all. Step forward 63 year old windower who was “rattling about, on his own, in a seven-bedroom house in Wiltshire”. Hmmmmm, I am sure owning a seven bedroom house had absolutely nothing to do with your choice of wallet? I am certain she is not doing the maths of how long he may potentially live for before it all becomes hers?

    Just goes to prove, having a vagina will bail you out of life as there is always going to be some beta to pick up the tab no matter how much you f~~~ up.

    For women, everything eventually boils down to Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

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