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    As in the top of the iceberg

    What is visible on the surface

    That is the image that she is capable of controlling and projecting out to the world through social media

    It comprises about 4-6% of her false self known as the iceberg

    Everything else remains not visible. Under the water.

    And it includes the less than perfect aspects of her life. The fact that she is inherently miserable. Pathologically envious of everyone, including her own girlfriends. Under the water lays her cold, dark existence. Years of cheating on her beta, combined with lying and manipulating. All while projecting a small fraction of her nightmare existence to the world which is only what she wants to be seen.

    Underneath the water resides a history of Chads, remnants of when her SMV was higher. Countless failed delusional hopes and dreams. And a lifetime of regret that consumes her black, empty soul.

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