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    Red Pill Nation Hangout #117

    0. 6:21 Commentary on COVID events so far
    1. COVID Week 5
    1A 15:10 Democrats setting up 9-11 style commission to go after Trump over COVID
    1B 37:46 Mainstream networks not covering Trumps COVID Press Conferences
    1C 52:41 New York City getting overwhelmed?
    1D 1:01:11 Celebrity and Social Justice culture collapsing because of COVID
    2. Hollywood Report
    2A 1:34:50 Batwoman Production shelved
    2B 1:52:30 It’s getting worse for Amber Heard
    3. 2:13:04 Patreon is losing money
    4. 2:27:13 World Health Organizations activity in regards to China

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