Same old tale -school teacher decides she has a right to have sex with boy

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    This is a well worn tale. They haven’t even given her the pussy pass yet but I thought I would put it on here because in a lot of ways it shows us how messed up the system is.

    First, she already nearly got away with it last time as the court could not decide if she was guilty. She was his teacher and she had sex with him and they could not decide?? We all know why? -Because she did not have the dick. Dick is guilt.

    Then I just love the picture of Beta holding her hand as she goes to court. Yes it is the same beta that she cheated on by having a 15 year old bang her in a field and getting pregnant not knowing if it was Beta’s or the boy’s. Beta is being strong and protective for her. Isn’t that nice? Beta knows his job, which does not come with any rights attached, just maybe shared access to a hole of very limited virtue that might give him a child or a bastard to be financially responsible for. I think Beta is proud of himself, staking out his claim to a lottery ticket in her precious womb by standing by her. She is 35, so Beta might just be lucky, she might hold on to him if she knows her beauty is fading fast, she might be capable of being fertilised still, it might be his.

    I love how she just took the boy’s phone and added herself to his snap chat, with total entitlement.

    I also must say I like the way the boy got all scared and “began to panic” not knowing how to behave when it all came out. He seems to me like he needs a safe space. He was lucky really. If he had knocked up a girl in his class, he would suddenly have needed to know how to behave. He would have needed to man up -as the ladies love to say- and accept what he had done wouldn’t he. As it is he can be all worried and upset.

    Anyway its a little snapshot of the world today when somehow it does not quite go to plan. Don’t worry, big state will sort it all out in court. That will fix it. Chad junior will be fine. He has 3 decades of entitlemnet to pussy coming. The teacher was just teaching him his entitlement. Pumpkin will be fine soon enough whether or not she goes to the ladies holiday camp for a short stint, reduced for crying and good behaviour because Beta will take care of her and even if he does not another Beta will. And Beta? Well he will be as fine as he ever was. So its all fine isn’t it.

    A woman is like fire -fun to play with, can warm you through and cook your food, needs constant feeding, can burn you and consume all you own

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