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    Children are far from innocent and blameless until they reach the magical age of majority. They are just small adults who lack physical maturity and experience. They still have all the cunning and guile of adults, just no so much life experience and no adult hormones. They will generally get craftier and also more self restrained as they get older. When they are small they can be very ruthless but not too wise in their manipulation.However we are all here because some adult gave a s~~~ about us and the same for our parents and their parents and so on back before the birth of humanity. Small people need big people to protect them and help them on their way. To wish undeserved ill on children is not the spirit that brought you here and is therefore not a good human thought and will therefore rightly alienate you from mentally healthy humans.The child is not blameless but he is not wise and needs help. It is better for humanity when big people help small people grow not use them for their own ends.

    Drop your humanity, get an alien parasite, you saw the movie venom?

    Some tact would go along way Doc 🙂 Some people just don’t understand.

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this.


    Do us a favor carnage and go the way of gargamel.

    Bitchhhh pleaee, that guy is a loser wanna be troll, im the f~~~ing king, im like god high on cocaine, the best part is there is nothing you can do about it, IM NOT EVEN HERE.

    Start hitting the air crazy old men.

    To those following me, be careful, I just farted. Men those beans are killers.


    It’s kind of like those f~~~~~s that give money to pay a carbon tax. Sure, it makes you feel better. But you’re not doing s~~~.
    here again to those that see it, is the irony that just happens to rear its head again. But no one seemed to learn their lesson from the last time.
    Ask yourself if you really want to do something? Then take a GOOD LOOK at what you are doing.
    Why? This took me a day or so to post, since what is going on above still seems a mystery to some.
    You guys remember the story of TImmy O tool.<iframe width=”500″ height=”375″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=””></iframe>
    Now why would I bring this up?
    In 2016, I was about to help someone get their kid back. But before I did, some people made some posts that made me think twice.
    Well, I’m glad I took that advice.
    Turns out MOM and DAD were both junkies. If I acted, I would have made no difference. Sure, the guy was getting f~~~ed. No doubt. But then I thought what I was putting myself into.
    I also want to say something that seems to bother some about our fellow resident Misanthrope. I’m going to ask you look hard and deep and wonder how you would as a good man go about life after you have seen day in and day out how people are in real life. How men and women are just as horrible as each other. And how most people make even the Grinch more noble the spoken nobility of even Jesus christ.
    Some of the folks on here are Doctors. And when you see people for who they are, the s~~~ stained glasses come off. When you realize the best thing to do for people is to leave them alone, you wonder how anyone could have such an outlook on life.
    Partly, its the best thing to do. THe other really is, its the only way for someone to do something.
    Its odd that some of you may not see this. I don’t care. Some of you are just as visibly clear as a shot glass. But remember, things are not what they seem on the surface.
    Besides, if carnage was on the side of the road dying, we have to save him. Can’t let that f~~~er get off life so easy.
    As far as this boy, as anyone looked into what the FATHER has to say about this? And WHAT HE THINKS? It seems a bit odd, but.. Maybe there might be more to this story?
    I’ll share the video. Sure. But lets face it. My son made his own video, I even Paid the cost to distribute it on Youtube.
    And you know what good it did? Not a DAMN THING.
    I can’t tell you the pain I feel each day not being able to watch him grow. I can’t even describe to you how my life is. But I can tell you this.
    When I found out who was trying to drown my son, they MOVED OUT OF THE F~~~ING STATE INTO HIDING. I went after the police that covered for these f~~~s, and I got ONE of them fired. And I’m working on so much more.
    If the kid matters to you, YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. I make no reservations about my intentions. Nor do I pretend that I’m going to ever let my guard down.
    Every PERSON that has ever had a hand in my sons misery is going to pay for that.2017, Providence health care cut 200 Jobs in the same company that many of the people who helped cover what was going on with my sons work for.
    in 2018, I helped close a clinic all in the efforts to save MONEY from the DWINDLING Budget of DV probation officers.
    2019, I start the mad dash push out every one of these SJW, Femanzai from Office. And in 2020, You BET YOUR ASS there is going to be some hell to pay for everyone who had a hand in my Family’s misery. AND MINE.
    Every single time my son went hungry, or was left alone sacred and cold with nothing but Roaches to keep him company? THose people that said it was okay, are going to have to explain that to everyone and LIVE THAT LIFESTYLE. I GUARANTEE IT.
    If this mans family gave a s~~~ about this kid, just like in PRISON. BUSINESS ALWAYS GETS DONE.I not telling anyone how to live their lives, but I know what is important to me.
    If this kid is important to someone, then leave it up to god. He has some sort of f~~~ed up plan after all so many say. For the rest of us, he might need a hand. Just be ready. No choice in life is a free choice. THere is always a cost.
    Chose wisely.

    That is why im asking, WHY ARE PEOPLE GETTING INVOLVED?
    do you wanna help or is just your ego?

    There is millins of small kids in third world countries who have nothing, no one cares, here we have a first world kid with a f~~~ed up mother and you care?


    Maybe you guys think im a monster, well what happens if the reason i look like a monster is becouse im a bit more human than others.

    Lets imagine for a second im not the bad guy, lets imagine for a second im worst than, i dont know HITLER, lets imagind for a second that maybe just maybe im better than most people.

    If i am a monster, what does that make most of you?

    To those following me, be careful, I just farted. Men those beans are killers.

    Puffin Stuff
    Puffin Stuff

    We’re commenting on a new trend that is sweeping the US. There is a movement, supported by feminists to push the idea that people are born queer and that accomadating that early in life will lead to better out comes.

    I am afraid that things like manipulation due to some gain in custody or for some political affiliation will cause otherwise well adjusted children to become confused about their sex.

    If they are right then the mothers will have a whirlwind to handle once their “tranny” son’s become adolescents how have been given female hormones and hate their mothers.

    It’s best to walk away from a custody fight than allow a woman to sexally maim a boy so she could have the little girl she always wanted.

    My parents wanted a boy and a girl. When my older brother was 7 they had me. They were very disappointed. My mother is an unrepentent 87 year old feminist like Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    Then, a year later my sister was born so the pressure for conceiving grandchildren for my mother was off of me.

    I was made to know this all my life.

    #icethemout; Remember Thomas Ball. He died for your children.

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