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    As we have seen for quite a period of time, school shootings in the nation have been a rather persistent problem. I have seen in other men’s forums that this could be well linked to the lack of a father figure, I also believe that the perpetrators are people who have a lack of connections to others, in large reason due to our modern surroundings that give excessive attention to banal and useless gibberish. I remember that many times there were those who expressed a certain concern for the people that seemed withdrawn but with the social media garbage piling up an obvious message of lack of care for these people, plus their rather unstable mentality I believe creates the terrible consequences that we unfortunately see today. I wonder if you guys agree with this analysis.

    No more hassles, no more nonsense, no more drama. Long live MGTOW!

    Branched off
    Branched off

    I agree with you.

    The innate mental instability of the perpetrator is always being handed out as the reason and while it is a necessary factor in such an atrocity it is only one.

    I think these young men are probably poor at empathising both from innate disability and from a lack of positive socialisation. They do not see themselves as being able to succeed as men or even get noticed as men. They are full of frustration at and hatred of society. Those who lack empathy and metal stability may conclude that the only sort of masculinity that gets noticed is toxic masculinity.

    For every one of these young men who does something horrible there are 1000s of others who feel as lonely and alienated but do not lack empathy. They would never imagine themselves doing such a thing. They are still suffering. They are still an under used resource under contributing to society.

    School shooting is only the tip of the iceberg of the losses due to young men being alienated by a gynocentric world obsessed by image, success with the opposite sex and popularity. I bet more of these young men die by their own hand than people are killed by the few school shooters.

    The solution is to get these young men invested in society. Men are slow to be able to achieve success compared to women for whom all the doors open when they are 18. Someone invested in society, someone who is valued in their job and has strong contacts with people they care about is far less likely to do such a thing.

    Someone needs to give a dam about young men. Not just report all supposedly strange young men to the police and take their guns away, get them into something. This needs to start a lot earlier than high school. The problem lies in the early years when career mothers dump their kids onto child minders and the school system. They get used to no forming deep connections and if they are sensitive they will go into a shell.

    A woman is like fire -fun to play with, can warm you through and cook your food, needs constant feeding, can burn you and consume all you own

    Wizard's Pupil
    Wizard’s Pupil

    I think this is ultimately a failure of the School System. They are causing boys so much Mental Anguish in the School System that they are violently reacting against it. Maybe if they stopped destroying Boys in K-12 Education, there would not be this hatred towards Schools.

    You can’t systematically wage war against boys starting in pre-school and not expect “Blow Back.” The Gynocentric School System will create animosity with the Boys, ultimately leading to Hatred and Resentment. Some of them don’t know what else to do…”DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOU”…they pick up a gun and they go to War.

    We're Not in Kansas Anymore


    I think that’s accurate. I think we have to accept these things will happen, in the dog eat dog society humans have created. Living justly and with values is the way to counter this but that requires buy in from everybody, and look at how bereft of values most people are?
    The roots of this phenomenon go deep. Every cupcake leading a false, degenerate life and acting cruelly towards others is partly to blame.
    It’s not men’s job to fix this – least of all MGTOW. For we are living for values of truth, justice and honesty unlike most of the population.
    A lot of these issues would go away if family was encouraged and rewarded again. Not all, but a lot. It is about feeling you are valued and respected in society even if you are a ‘nobody’, which is hardly the case in the West and especially America.
    Actually we do more at ‘fixing’ society by doing nothing. Doing nothing is an action in itself.

    I cant invest my time and energy into someone whose feelings about me can just 'change'.


    The official version stinks just like the official version re Las Vegas did and kept changing.

    They want to take away your weapons and they will do anything to demonise anyone that isn’t a left wing sjw.

    Oklahoma City (whilst not a shooting) back in 1995 was about demonising the Malitia.

    Flase flags are always about one of a few things or combination of:

    * Keep you living in fear
    * Distraction-whilst they bring in a draconian new law
    * Bringing in more surveillance
    * Justifying and building support for a war/invasion
    * Demonise a group in the home nation that is inconvenient
    for those with the agenda.


    As we have seen for quite a period of time, school shootings in the nation have been a rather persistent problem.

    Is it though? Or is it only because the media tells us it’s a problem?

    USA Today article

    So only 10 deaths from school shootings per year. As the article points out, over 100 kids die from riding their bikes to school each year. I saw a different article that showed around 13 kids die from school bus accidents each year. I have no doubt that suicide and drug related deaths are also higher than school shootings. If there was a list of causes of death between the ages of 4 and 18, I wouldn’t be surprised if school shootings isn’t in the top 20.

    The thing is, school shootings are ‘exciting’. The sell ads. They create controversy and that’s what they want us talking about. But if you really care about keeping kids alive, it shouldn’t even really crack the radar.

    It reminds me of BLM. Dealing with corrupt police is surely a problem, but if you really believe black lives matter, it should be way down on the list of problems to solve.

    Ok. Then do it.


    Branched Off. That was a hell of a post. I agree on all of those excellent points. Max Respect

    Ranger One
    Ranger One

    Treat boys like they are defective girls, drug them up, take away their fathers, and hope for the best.

    Seems like a great idea!

    All my life I've had doubts about who I am, where I belonged. Now I'm like the arrow that springs from the bow. No hesitation, no doubts. The path is clear. And what are you? Alive. Everything else is negotiable. Women have rights; men have responsibilities; MGTOW have freedom. Marriage is for chumps. If someone stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up behind them and stab them in the heart-R'as al Ghul.


    I think there are a variety of motives but most of them see themselves as rejects and lack a father figure. Some got tired of being bullied and decided to fight back as in the case with Columbine. When one has no help from anyone, one will help themselves with rage. When one thinks the world hates you, it isn’t as difficult to shoot into crowds. At the same time, getting bullied at school has been going on for many generations, school shootings are comparatively new. They are also all boys.

    When I was in the second grade (early 1970’s), we had a boy that brought in his dad with an unloaded shotgun for Show-and-Tell and talked about them hunting deer (Yep, but I lived in East Tennessee). They even passed the shotgun around and showed us how to check it and rack it. Try that in a public school today and you will have alarms going off and will be facing a SWAT Team. Yet we never heard of school shootings where someone lost it and wanted to kill everyone in sight.

    What has changed? Firearms haven’t changed that much since the early 1970’s, we already had the AR-15 and other semi-automatic rifles for civilians. So in spite of what the Gun Control advocates say, we cannot simply put the blame on firearms and think this will go away. It’s not the firearms that have changed, it is us. It is our Boys!

    We have too many boys who know mom but not dad. They are not like my second grade peer that could come in with daddy for Show-and-Tell. Even if that boy had been bullied, he still had dad to guide him and Love him at home. Boys like that today have become the exception, not the norm. We also have a school system that thinks he is now a “Dysfunctional Girl” and his self esteem has been destroyed. That boy is an identity crises in the making and perhaps we should not be surprised when he gets older and decides to go off on his own school. What would I suggest:

    #1) Allow the teachers to be armed after proper training. If we can’t trust them with a piece of steel, why are we trusting them with our children? It worked for Israel for the last 35 years.

    #2) Allow armed veterans to patrol the schools after proper training. They won’t ask for much.

    #3) Make schools more “Boy Friendly”. Bring back recess, gym class and give the little guy a break from the desk. This also includes bringing back male teachers as that may be the only male figure these guys get in their young lives. Make it good to be a boy again because their differences from girls goes far beyond the junk between the legs. This measure will be the hardest to change but the most important.

    #4) If a boy or girl makes a gun finger, that doesn’t make him/her a potential killer and zero tolerance has gone too far. I grew up a little cowboy with a cap-gun revolver, holster, hat and cowboy boots in Oklahoma. My friends and I shot each other many times and we all took five minutes of death speech before we died. None of us grew up to be mass shooters. In fact, I condone the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program for schools which tells kids not familiar with guns: “STOP, Don’t touch, run away and tell a grown up!” Gun safety needs to be taught, not hatred of the Constitution.

    Far more could be done at home but that is even harder to change than what I have mentioned. For now, it wouldn’t even be possible. What I have suggested already would be a miracle if it was done but it would reduce these kids killing kids and that I know.

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