Single mothers raising psychopaths will end civilization.

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    The part of this study that is missing is that a large number of single mothers are toxic people. That is why they are single. They cannot handle relationships, much less raising a child in a effective way.

    The problem children they produce are quick to switch to criminality because they do not understand a need to stay away from it. No positive male influence leads to a child used to torturing his own mother psychologically in order to practice the psychotic tendencies the child develops. This is how these kids perfect the manipulation, viciousness, and narcissism that defines their privilege based personalities.

    I see this every day with the kids my current gf and former exes raised. I was not allowed to influence or parent them when they got older because I was a “retro-man”. Which means I understood the need for enforcing respect for parents, self-discipline, responsibility for ones own actions, and how to be organized and goal directed.

    When a man tries to bring anything positive to the equation, the women go berserk. If the kid gets it and likes the man, the woman will kick the man to the curb. If the kid hates the man (because the child is not the spoiled center of the biological parent’s attention) then the child goes on rampages and tantrums even when a late teen. The levels such psychopathic kids will sink to destroy the lives of the parents is off the scale.

    Yeah the women are responsible for the mess they created. But they will never admit it.

    The parents have fight after fight, after fight. The little c~~~~~~~~~ soaks it up every time we fight, with a smile of glee.

    I see so many single women raising a generation of serial killers and abusers. They will blame the men for this. Never the mothers.

    Wait until junior grows up and gets a uniform, gun, or position where they have power. Yeah this civilization is dead inside of two generations.

    Mothers who are psycho

    "Women have become so full of hatred that they are blind to reason and humanity. That which they practice will be the end of humanity, long before any war that men may fight.." "Women are predators by nature. Why else do you think they are so quick to gang up and go after a man they hate for showing any sign of weakness?"

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