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    Colin Combover in a Coma
    Colin Combover in a Coma

    From a youth, I was put in a place which was run by a nun who believed in a tooth for a tooth

    I received a lash of 30, for being so heinous as to wear a moustache so dirty, and to be born with a penis

    At night, I could feel they’re shadows in the corridor. Watching as I kneeled to the floor

    Quaking, whilst shaking the Rosary as they stood over me next to the door

    I tried with all my might, but I could never recite the Lord’s prayer right

    I then became the Canaanites daughter and ate my bread and water dinner for this sinner on the ground like a Dog

    All things masculine were proclaimed as sin, as I worshipped Mary instead of him

    Lessons would be ruled by an iron fist. Any intimacy was without clemency, even a kiss

    They, they sucked it out of me, where once was decency. Then became a crooked play of apathy

    Only God can forgive, as the Sisters Of Mercy forsake, but never live

    Years now tarry, but yet I still carry the cerebral fears

    I am a legacy of Lazarus


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