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    Further to my recent discussion on PUA let me be clear – I very much consider myself a MGHOW. I’m interested in areas of knowledge helpful to myself and other men – Stoicism for example but I am under NO illusions as to female nature.

    Extremely disappointed with two content creators I’ve been following selling out recently and showing their blue underbellies, like a red feathered bird rolling over and showing it was only partly red.

    I won’t make them but…

    One recently posted lamenting the good old days and the way women “used to be”. He then went on to say in comments and in videos NAWALT and basically argues women and married men can also be MGTOW. You can be awakened whilst married that’s true. But imho it’s nigh on impossible to be a MGHOW if you are cohabiting or married. He also ranted against subs being mean to women and blue pill men in his channel. I unsubscribed.

    The second creator talked about monk mode and how young men NEED to sow their wild oats because it’s HEALTHY.

    These men are NOT men going their own way. They are Tradcons masquerading as red pillers and they will return to the plantation one day. And I think their message is misleading and they are all about YouTube likes, subs and running a business.

    I’m sad because the content was good and helpful but it’s watering down what going your own way is supposed to be.

    Dealing with females had never been more dangerous and these supposedly older, wiser men (who have had more than enough pussy) should be keeping their younger brothers safe. Any MGTOW who tells you NAWALT, unicorns exist, sex with young thots is healthy. Well they are offering misguided and misleading and frankly self serving advice.

    If you fall down 7 times, get up 8

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