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    You actually can have a partner and go your own way, leading a life of mutual respect, with a woman

    Subtilitas, but for this one quote line, the rest of your post is generally in the spirit of what we all think here. But for this one quote…

    Nevermind the part about a male partner, that is completely off topic. Gay men dont live with women, probably for the same reasons MGTOW dont.

    But anyway, I think your making the same false step youre accusing others of, which is assuming that mgtow is that cookie cutter version sold on Youtube in 2015, the strictly semantic, vague, male indentity stroking rebbellion against feminism where college boys can still philander about, cohabitate and marry, yet still be in the cool he MAN woman haters club … isnt that the nebulous Liberal meaning you give it:

    a community that did not regard itself as a community, but as individuals with their own mindset, pursuing their very own path sensible within their very own circumstances. And this is just why everything was open and possible.

    But where do you stand on Briffaults Law? Hypergamy? Mens lack of own group preference or other Evo Psych lessons?

    Seems you want to laude the liberating side of mgtow, the Good News so to speak, but then ignore the philosohpical and biological side of why exactly we’re going our own way. You want the buzz but hate the taste of beer.

    There IS a line between MRAs and MGTOWs…
    Mgtow didnt begin when Sandman gained 100,000 subs. It began when Phil G released the Stardusk Compilation.

    All the anger about family courts, Dating Apps and misandry are MODERN frustrations. Stardusk dug deeper into the human genome and deeper into prehistory, and pointed out sexual dimorphism. There is a biological precedent here that is more concerning than women divorce raping men, or women accusing men of sexual assault. Deep in sexual dimorphism, womens unpardonable nature is revealed.

    So if you want to take the REAL redpill and start accepting the facts laid out in thr SD Compilation, great. We are literally conditioned with every genetic fiber to deny that stuff and continue saying Nawalt. Men make consession after consession and endlessly justify their favoring women, at the cost of a completely different autonomous male path. You think its mutual, but its not, and it sure as sh!t isnt Going Your Own Way

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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