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    One thing I got for Christmas was Best Buy gift cards ($75) and I decided what to spend it on. Last night I bought a nice Sony UBP-X800 Streaming 4K Blu-Ray player and 2 Resident Evil movies (Afterlife and Vendetta). I have a 4K TV Sony, but since I don’t have a 4K player (not yet), I can only see things as high as 1080p, but soon I will get my 4K player in the mail (hopefully before New Year’s Eve) and I can see just how powerful my TV is. What’s good about this is that it supports MP4, MKV and AAC formatted videos, which is what all my downloaded movies on my flash drive are. There’s only 2 downsides to this player and that is it only has 1 USB port (I need 2 so I don’t have to get up and switch flash drives, but I will buy a 2TB drive later), and unlike my current Blu-Ray player, the menu options doesn’t look like something from the PS3, which is what I’m used to. The menu kind of looks like something off of a Windows 8 desktop or a PS4. I can’t wait to get it. I saved $75.

    What I’m going to do with my 10 year old Blu-Ray player after my 4K comes in is I’ll loan it to my dad and he can use it in the computer room with the new 36″ TV my aunt bought him for Christmas, or I will put it in the basement with my old plasma.

    Here is what the player is:

    I love Sony products. My TV is a 4K Sony, my receiver, Blu-Ray player (soon 4K player) and both my PlayStations are all Sony. My first visa card (which is the only one I have left) is a Sony Rewards card, and I can get 5X the points for buying Sony products and I use those rewards to get free $10 PlayStation Store money, which means I get my PS3/4 games for free for every 1,000 points. But since I have a lot of money in my PlayStation Store account and not much in gaming options, I think I’ll start putting those reward points into getting 4K movies for free. So far there’s 17 movies I want in 4K that’s currently available:
    1 Resident Evil Vendetta (ordered)
    2 Resident Evil Afterlife (ordered)
    3 Resident Evil The Final Chapter
    4 Independence Day 20-Anniversary Edition
    5 Terminator 2
    6 Hook
    7 Men In Black Trilogy
    8 Ice Age Collision Course
    9 Ghostbuster (1984)
    10 Ghostbusters II
    11 Gladiator
    12 Tomb Raider
    13 Tomb Raider And Cradle Of Life
    14 Bad Santa 2
    15 Saving Private Ryan
    16 The Lion King
    17 Ninja Turtles: Out Of the Shadows

    I can’t wait to start watching Blu-Ray movies in 4K and see just how powerful my TV can get up to.

    I love tech so much that’s why I try every once in a while to land a job at my local Best Buy, which as been a very struggling journey.

    This is a man's world and we men must take it by the throat and make it give us everything we desire!

    Faust For Science
    Faust For Science

    The reason corporations have moved away from the DVD and CD formats is that for the flaws those formats have, it is digital media that can still be copied and stored. While analog recordings will eventually lose resonance on its electric media, such as on magnetic tape, while digital will always be 1s and 0s.

    Blu-Ray and 4K formats are designed with constantly updating DRM. These systems are designed that one day corporations or governments can push a button and “brick” all the players at once, just like cellphone companies do with cellphones.


    One thing that I got for Christmas is a whole bunch of homemade beef jerky. Now I can’t decide what goes better with it. Beer or whiskey???


    What a waste of money. Who the f~~~ uses disks anymore? Just connect a computer to your 4K TV and play a 4K movie. Pirate that s~~~.

    Dark Kenshi
    Dark Kenshi

    The only thing I find it appalling, is that there is no Mad Max 2 and 3 in that list…

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    Ps4, head phones and vr . Watching a movie is like been in the cinema.

    I would never buy expensive tv or surround again .


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