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    L. Euler

    Are you kidding me beach scene St Simon’s Island Georgia on the news….WTF!!!!….haven’t they heard of Coronavirus ??? Zero social distance.
    USA get this …you nedd 1.9 Million ventilators now.
    You have 95,000 ICU beds and need !.9 Million.
    Trump needs to act even more like a leader and get all military back home to make masks and ventilators NOW!!! Who cares about the election, Saunders and Biden just became irrelevent over night. Bring your troops home …. to hell with the Taliban…..the war is in America (and Canada).
    I am a health care worker Doctor, diagnostic radiologist …we have zero masks… no protection!! we are re-using old masks no protection.
    The College has said I can’t practise without mask and gloves.
    Canada generously sent our masks to China …. now we have none!!!! You have about a week before your ICU’s are full. Many people are going to die.

    You are three weeks behind an Italian disaster!!!!

    Round up all the CPAP sleep apnea monitors NOW!!! Or get the military to make ventilators ….forget cars….start ventilator assembly or your citizens die!!
    Sorry for the bad news from a front-line Canadian doctor.

    Completely irresponsible Georgia Beach scene…the calm before the storm….and let me warn you…it’s one hell of a hurricane…you think you are prepared but you are not …..Lombardy thought they were prepared… the wealthiest part of Italy with more beds per 1000 than the USA, wake UP ….you need 1.9 MILLION beds and have 95,000!!!

    For God’s sakes!!… buy three weeks worth of food .. hunker down and stay inside!

    L. Euler

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