STDs To Increase Due To Coronavirus

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    My preliminary analysis due to having an in depth understanding into female psychology and behavior.

    As the crisis continues and begins adversely affecting the financial lives of women that were already struggling but still out banging Chad-c•ck with no immediate concerns to secure a stable and financially safe beta:

    Die to immediate needs for food, money, possibly a place to live and relative security amidst the chaos – They will be in a frenzied hunt to lock on and secure, any available beta wallets as the situation progresses.

    And. . .

    Consequently, transmitting their existing STDs to beta wallets exponentially in an unprecedented wave of transmission not seen before and within a short period of time (weeks and months)

    For Beta’s that are secure with a paid off house, no debt and a secure job: Their dream of hole access is on the verge of peaking in the coming weeks.

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