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    This article may not go the way you think it will. Hence why I am commenting about it here. Its not for the faint of heart, and even turns my stomach to talk about this fact. But read on at your own risk. Its not funny. Fathers lost their kids. But its how I deal with such craptacular clown world s~~~.

    Found it first here. Then as I went looking around. And you know what I found? All the classic signs of the Blue Pill hitting a Chad-Valdez all at once.

    Those not familiar with the The Supreme Gentleman Meme, should probably just skip over this. It won’t relate to you. But the signs and the copy cat Canadian “Cat Programer” Alek Minassian who rented a Ryder Van, & drove over all those people in a “Van of Peace” style Joy ride about 2 years ago; Both men I’m going to talk about roughly exhibit the same Classic M.O. of the Blue Pill Mind Virise.

    A little History….

    Over the years, there have been more than a few crimes of passion that have went unreported. Mainly, no one cares..Did not meet a narrative, or to small to make any real headlines. But this today happened to catch my attention for a different reason.

    First lets take a look at this videos. Not the best, but the most accurate on what went on and showcases the text messages.

    Before I go any further, I want to make this clear: A MANS Daughter died. He deserves respect in his time of grief. And what I am about to say bellow should not take away from that. Regardless of what or why? I’m not going to judge or say a thing. THis is the Blue pill world I left behind, and don’t care to have any part of it. I left that a long time ago, and I suggest the rest of you do the same.

    —My analysis—

    The part that gets me about all this is the amount of Justification and Actual police work that was done and the Innocent until proven Guilty matra that was afforded to the 21 year old male in this case. Not only did they not jump the gun and arrest him asap. No, it actually took them finding evidence and Probable cause before doing so.
    ==================THIS IS WHAT IS UNPRECEDENTED TO ME===================

    HE was given a treatment that is not even afforded to men who are accused with Domestic Violence? As wrong as it seems to speak about this, ( And that is why it is here) This 21 year old Single man, got better treatment and so called due process of law and actual police work, then any of us men who were accused of rape, OR Domestic Violence have received.

    That’s what irks me.. (Allegedly)
    You buy a gun.
    You put 2 Bullets in a woman’s head.
    Text her to come over.
    Move her body by DRIVING her to her Van, and staging the crime there..
    f~~~ her till she dies in the van I think..
    Then go clean up the blood or brains… (Did he use a rubber? )
    GO to walmart to buy Bleach
    Then detail your Truck.
    Then go home, put the gun and the receipt for it in a some Briefcase.
    Then you just pretend its all cool.. OKay..

    Soo then…

    Cops then take the time to go search for evidence.
    Then go to Walmart. Find you were there.
    Then they go search her phone.
    Then they somehow go to your home, search it, and find a weapon, and the weapons receipt.
    And ONLY THEN do you get arrested AFTER THEY HAVE SOLID EVIDENCE..

    They go find out and actually TAKE TIME TO INVESTIGATE the crime committed, follow through with Receipts, finding a weapon, and even getting video evidence of him at a WALMART buying Bleach and supplies to clean up? And I think this is ALL before they arrested him. So…

    I have to ask if any of you wonder why is it that if you Murder a woman, you get treated Fairly. And have rights. But if you get accused of Domestic Violence? You have zero due process. No Jury, no evidence needed. You even get arrested and charged without any indication you have committed a crime?

    This guy? Not even a BLEEP on the radar man! The video you see has less then 19 views as of today. In fact, it took it being published in Australia to get any traction by any major news outlet with any eyeb~~~~. And that’s ONLY on line as far as I can tell.

    So.. The outrage is from women: “ANother man is violent and rapes a woman?” ….WUT? Does anyone else see something REALLY REALLY WRONG HERE? Like the monsters the created are now coming to life? Like maybe…Its not rape anymore? Like the Fear they so talked about is now going to be pushed just as they spoke about it?

    I’m not going to sugar coat this. But here we have a CLEAR example of what happens when the Blue Pill mindset and the idea’s that have been PUSHED on kids from Birth are manifesting themselves in full view. Folks, this was what women described their fear being like. They made the monsters, now the Monsters are not going to hide anymore. And in fact, it seems that women and the Media that drove this is now going to hide this fact that they Manufactured this monster to real life.

    The only time a movie like this was ever made was I think the Serbian Movie, but I think that got banned out right! Even the Director got sued I think the film was so vile. But this is what they have been painting men to be for YEARS now.

    We are not talking about rape here anymore folks. This goes WAY beyond that. This is that kind of Blue Pill Destruction mode that only could be enjoyed by a person who not only got a few screws lose, but seem to have figured out that with all the doom and gloom about the future, WHY not go B~~~~ deep, and and make Skull F~~~ing a Reality?

    Lets be clear here. This was no rape. There was no power to be had. What he wanted, was for her to FEEL like he did inside. I think that after all these years of pushing men to the corner. Making them feel as if there is no hope. Showing women that their are no consequences to treat men like Objects themselves…I think its coming full circle. ANd women don’t know what they got themselves into.

    Note, I AM NOT SAYING that she deserved any of this. I am not supporting any man here either that does this. But Do I see this happening more and more> Yes I do.. In fact, I see this happening more often from now on as men understand that its now far better to enjoy this Violent delight then suffer with jail time for a false allegation down the road. And its been true as of late that men have been Murdering women, (Much more so in TradCon Minority circles) an higher rates then before if you ask me. AND getting a better DEAL TO BOOT!

    I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it seems that we are getting to the point that we really do not see any worth in human life anymore. In fact, I think women put themselves in a place where they now can expect this. And therefore? It’s only going to get worse for the Blue Pill Crowd. And Young men and women are going to be the ones most affected by this.

    As we know, as a teen, you got some RILED out Hormones and Emotions. Those things are not really talked about or even paid any importance too. In fact, they go out of their way to tell young men not to care. But this does not bode well with the blue Pill Programing and the fact that what they have been taught, only furthers their desire to get rid of that pain any way that seems fitting.

    And this is what alarms me the most.. How are they going to handle this? Are they going to tell Young Males about Women’s Nature? Or how women are not what they seem to be? Or in fact, a mans very emotions are playing tricks on him? No. They will not.

    And what about women? Are they going to tell women to be careful on toying with a Man at such a young age? Or are people going to finally accept that sex and relationships have some real dire outcomes at that age? That emotions are nothing to play around with. You are playing with fire folks. Don’t mistake it. And just like women like bad boys, this is not the bad boy you are looking for. This is that dude that does not see what you see. Or Feel.

    MGTOW is the only group of men that are telling young men to watch out for these traps. Not anyone else. All they do is shame them with the simple goal being the outcome of destruction for everyone involved.

    I’m serious about this becoming a trend. And what is going to come down is not going to help women folks. In fact, it will help make it clear, that women OH SO f~~~ed up in making this possible. You don’t get these Young men like this unless you keep pushing the narrative of All men are toxic. Then tell men they are looking for a good guy, but then all he see’s is something else.

    Sure, there was a ton of Jelly about her talking to other men. If you don’t know this is women’s default? That women don’t understand that they only “Love him” for what he can do for them? That her wants are as the winds and go anywhere and everywhere? I see so much more of this going on.

    And I don’t think this is the only one. From what I gather, this is starting to happen more and more often. Its just some people are better at getting away with it. And it even seems that it is PLANNED to be this way.

    See, White males in MY opinion, have had this idea that they are expandable for a long time. Not so with other Cultures. And when you mix up Trad con Blue Pill West, with the ideas and backgrounds of others, you see where this is going. We see it all the time in Islamic Converts. And the numbers keep rising.

    Sweden alone got a very good taste of what it’s like when 2 cultures that don’t jive explode into Death and violence when you mix Western Values of women with Feminism and Sexual Liberalism with the old world thinking of Modest women. I don’t think anyone has taken into account what they have created here. Islam is TAME compared to some cultures out there. And for the last 5 decades, we have seen clear as day what happens when 2 ideals of both women and men don’t mix.

    I’m not telling you that not to f~~~, or not to have relationships with women outside your culture at all. What I am saying is that we have a Multi facet system that was put in place, set up for major failure, and now there is no going back.

    So either you tell the truth about women, women tell the truth about themselves, or MEN understand that women are not like men. And Men are not like women. AND.. Cultural norms are not the same. Neither are the dynamics between them.

    The idea that a man of 21 years old, did this from what it seems out of jealousy that a girl, who lived with her father, was talking to other men, and he thought that he should “Wait” for her or is his? That idea needs to be BLOWN sky high!

    We are not even talking about Marriage here folks. We are talking about a couple that were for all intensive analysis, were Dating! That’s it. As far as we know anyways.

    And I seen this Heart break FIRST HAND when I was in Middle school of all places. If that rage and Anger of young men is not Biased to a happy medium, or not taken into serious consideration or respected, we are going to see so much more of this as time goes on. And its just going to get younger and younger age groups.

    This is not something to toy around with Folks. Older women have been GROOMING men into this for a LONG time. And its no secret that women older then the young males they groom do in fact push these idea on young men. They revel at the fact that other younger women they can not compete with, end up in this sad outcome. That’s whats tragic. Women are pushing this. NOT MEN.

    This is a fair warning for the future.

    You build up men to be monsters, Women to be Careless, you end up getting just what you asked for.

    Again, I want to make this clear to anyone who’s lurking that does not understand the MGTOW mindset of what I am talking about. This women is not at FAULT for being dead. She did not deserve this fate. In fact, I don’t blame a women at all anymore for her actions. CLearly young women don’t grasp the severity or have the faintest clue of the ramifications of what they are getting into or doing. They can’t. THey are not programed to in the first place to do so by their Biology.

    But what we do have here? I don’t think I can even describe it with a clear insight. I don’t dare too. But I can imagine that this is going to be the new game of chicken for the next coming years. And if you ask me, its a deadly game that I don’t see changing anytime soon. I see it getting much more violent as times go by.

    We have seen this in Other countries before. But what I see going on in the west is a RAPID decline of Nature over nurture taking place on an unprecedented scale in western countries. Again, nature always has a way to reset the balance. And that nature is what mankind has been trying to quell for centuries; Now coming back in full force to revisit the new day and era.

    What I am being candid about, is that in the future? I don’t see many Blue Pill Young men ever giving it a second thought. You want to see what real DV looks like? Its going to be the norm as women’s organizations are going to scurry away as fast as they can to play damage control and blame others. I mean what else would you do when you created this very system that made it a better option to kill a woman in such a violent manner simply due to the fact that you do the same time for no crime?

    I can’t stress this enough. You get REWARDED for this. And in fact, more women respect you if you do.. So How else is this going to play out?

    THAT is what I am getting at. Women created a monster that they no longer control. And its only going to get worse as time goes by exponentially.

    Take a look at that dude. Does he look like a sad man? Or a man that looks like just figured out the game?

    Why did I make this post? THis actually. Because all women are going to do is encourage it. And add FUEL to the fire.

    Let that sink in. I hope your ready for the Utopia you asked for. Its not what you thought it would be did you?

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this. http://register-her.net/web/guest/home

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