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    this presentation is very important although it is a very superficial review of these very important points. I think it’s a good starting point for someone to starting researching all the things he mentions. Every citizen, should watch this and understand why their country (ies) has been hijacked by the elite.
    if you an hour, give it a watch.

    God bless peace and freedom.



    Great video. This is probably the best summary of the Deep State you can get in an hour presentation.

    I have read most of the books referenced in this presentation. The most important authors being Carroll Quigley and Antony C. Sutton. Without those two you will never understand the Deep State or the system of Governance the world is currently under.

    Its good that the Deep State is worried about Trump and considers him a disaster. That fact alone makes me support Trump and I will vote for him.

    Faust For Science
    Faust For Science

    President Trump is not the true target of the globalists. The U.S. population is the target. President Trump’s victory showed that after a century of destroying the U.S. culture and work eithic, this is still fight in the hearts of the U.S. working class.

    You will notice that in 2016 that Hillary’s campaign was geared to united everyone else against the U.S. working class. Hillary even went so far as to campaign against working class U.S. citizens, such as against “coal country”. To add to this, since 1992, the U.S. being primed by the globalists to become a fascism style dictatorship (while oppression the globalists enemies, the U.S. working class, over false accusations of fascism). The plan for Hillary to win and become dictator. But, when President Trump won he in theory had access to all those tools which he could turn around and use against the globalists.

    This is a good news-bad news situation.

    Instead of changing tactics, backing off and letting the Trump-political movement burn itself out, the globalists have redoubled their efforts and pushed their agenda into high speed.

    In attempting to remove President Trump the globalists have shown how corrupt almost every level of government, industry, and even religion is. It is all out in the open, including the open bigotry by the globalists against working white men whom are the backbone of the working class in the U.S.

    Yale University Newspaper Editor Urges Students to Spy on White Male Classmates to Be Able to Ruin Their Careers in the Future

    Almost with censorship, political witchhunts, election rigging (the Rinos handed the Dems the House in the 2018 election), and flooding the U.S. with foreigners whom want to live off of the U.S. workers, the globalists have completely radicalized the progressive movement into a brownshirt movement to purge any populist, pro-nationalists supporters in the U.S., most of whom support President Trump.

    To make matter worse, the last eight years under Obama saw massive political abuse against the U.S. working class, and while the progressives mocked the working class, the working class used what money they had to buy guns and ammo. There are more guns and ammo in U.S. private hands than all the world’s armies combined. And the abuse by the globalists and their progressive servants have done a thorough job of radicalizing the U.S. working class. The only reason the working class in the U.S. is not violent is President Trump is literally driving the globalists and progressives insane.

    At this point, the U.S. is facing a cold war between two collectivist groups. To progressives, whom fancy themselves urban Soviet revolutionaries, but whom are really closer to Italian fascists. And U.S. working class and rural classes whom fancy themselves conservatives, but whom are really populist marxists in the original sense of the Karl Marx’s writings, though whose logistical situation looks like the early parts of the formation of the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia before the civil war in Cambodia.

    But, the situation does not end there.

    The Brexit vote and President Trump has sent ripples against the globalists, creating populist movements across the world.

    In response, the globalists are destabilizing parts of the world in an attempt to stop the populist

    The new Italian Prime Minister and Brazil’s new populist President is dealing with an ongoing interal coups by globalist manufactured scandals, just like President Trump is dealing with, which is pushing all three nations towards dictatorship in some form. Also, like the U.S., South American and Europe are dealing with the globalists flooding Europe with foreigners whom are only their to live off the working class and create crime (foreigners from North Africa and western Middle-East flood Europe, while refugees from Venezuela are flooding the rest of South America).

    To add to this, nations where the globalists have been open to keep the elections rigged and the populists

    For example French President Macron and German Prime Minister Merkel are dealing with massive protests, which has become known as the Yellow Vest movement which has spread across the world. Also, German PM Merkel has seen her political alliances being slowly eroded by populist movements in Germany. Both Macron and Merkel are each holding on to power by a thread.

    In response to these populist movements the globalists are having Marcon and Merkel work together to create a “European” army whose sole purpose is to crack down, oppress, and destroy the native populations of France, Germany, and likely much of Europe.

    The globalists feel they no longer have the time to breed the working class white men and their allies out of existence, so the globalists are gearing up to commit open genocide against white man and their allies.

    There are other players on the geo-political field that need to be watched, such as China and Russia, for various reasons. But, those are discussions for another time.


    as long as we have our guns, we will hold onto the power.

    That is the key.

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