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    During the past few years, I’ve found that having very little contact with the human race is a good way to preserve one’s freedom and personal assets. There’s very few people that I can stand to be around (family members and close friends). It seems like everyone else is a foe—they have an agenda to either get something from me or punish me for my existence. I value positive interactions with others as much as anyone else, but when those interactions go negative, the consequences can be horrible. I’ve come up with a list of pitfalls men should try their best to avoid (although you can’t always avoid bad situations, you can try):

    1. Alimony/Palimony.
    2. Child Support Payments.
    3. False accusations (sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, child abuse).
    4. Physical Conflicts.

    The consequences of being involved with unscrupulous people is costly. You may spend thousands of dollars on legal fees, you may lose your job, and you may go to jail without credible evidence from your accuser. Your freedom, assets, and reputation are at stake, so you must be on guard daily. If your fellow citizens had a moral conscience, and a good sense of the meaning of justice, then you wouldn’t have to worry. But in my American society, and many other first world nations, the goal is to empower women (with positions of authority and other people’s hard-earned money) and enslave/tax men. There’s also an agenda to tax people who are high achievers and give that money to people who have no ambition to get a job, get a pay raise, and get off of welfare.

    When it comes to women: if you want to have a live-in girlfriend, you’re taking a big risk. You may not be able to legally kick her out of your apartment/house if you want to break up with her. There’s all sorts of court judges that will take her side and make you pay her for her loss of residence, the utilities, etc. If get into an argument with your girlfriend and physically push her out of the house that you paid for, that’s “domestic abuse.” She can call the police and kick you out of your own residence. And if you get her pregnant, that’s a real mess. Eighteen years of court-ordered child support payments if the relationship goes sour. When you’re at work or a college campus, you can’t tell sexual jokes around women or do anything that can be interpreted as inappropriate/sexual. Any touching, other than a handshake or a tap on the shoulder, can be interpreted as inappropriate. It is very easy to lose what you’ve gained (college credits, salary, a great reputation) over a false sexual harassment/sexual assault accusation. In some cases, you can lose your enrollment on a college campus or a job without an investigation or any sort of evidence.

    When you make deals with people, you have to get signed contracts. When you invest your money, you invest as much as you can stand to lose. When you go to work: do your job well, respect others, avoid gossip/drama, politely decline discussing controversial subjects (religion, politics, feminism, gender equality, etc.), and quickly get the hell out of there when your shift is over—before they can find a reason to fire you! When you go to a place for entertainment, you should try to walk away from an argument/fight instead of escalating it with name-calling and taunts (especially places that serve alcohol and lack security guards). When you go on a first date, go to a public place with witnesses (video cameras are a plus). Don’t post negative stuff or controversial stuff on social media sites if you can be identified (because your nosy boss could read it and fire you). Avoid being in neighborhoods where there’s a lot of crime. When you’re stopped by the police, act like a POW and give them very little information (A long time ago, the police wanted to protect people. Now they’ll just throw anyone in jail for the sport of it.). If you’re interacting with a person, and your gut feeling is a bad feeling, trust that feeling and be vigilant. In this age of uncertainty, it’s a good idea to have a second income (people get fired for stupid reasons and businesses can fail overnight), investments, and a PLAN B for your life in case PLAN A doesn’t work out. PLAN B should include enough resources to move to another location when you encounter a crisis such as a natural disaster, a riot, etc.

    "I saw that there comes a point, in the defeat of any man of virtue, when his own consent is needed for evil to win-and that no manner of injury done to him by others can succeed if he chooses to withhold his consent. I saw that I could put an end to your outrages by pronouncing a single word in my mind. I pronounced it. The word was ‘No.’" (Atlas Shrugged)

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