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    Big John sums it up about women who’s manipulation has evolved. She will put on the tears and tantrums and start whining and complaining as a way of getting what she wants. I saw this today on an episode of The Stooges where a woman thought Curly won $100,000 (it was actually flies for a fly trap) and starts crying pretending to be poor and starving as a means of getting access to money, which he doesn’t have. When she found out that Curly needs $100,000 flies trapped to sell his flytrap invention, she got mad and threw pins at him. I know it’s just a classic comedy show, but this is what women do; they put on fake tears, pretend to be in peril as a way of getting something a man has.

    Why do so many men give into their tears and tantrums? To shut her up! In other words, it works.

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