The News Media Is Going To Be Busy Tomorrow (Monday)

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    Very busy.

    With whatever hyped up and fake incident, the deep state has orchestrated to keep everyone distracted from what happened two days prior in a jail cell in New York City.

    They made sure that they killed Epstein on a Saturday morning.

    Then as scheduled for Monday in order to keep everyone distracted from trying to figure out how it was possible for a guy in a city jail, with alot of guard movement and monitoring to have hung himself right around breakfast time:

    The deep state needs to have the news media preoccupied first thing tomorrow morning with something that appears more interesting or serious and that continues throughout the week.

    It could be anything:

    US oil tanker ‘attacked’ by an Iranian tourist or fishing boat.

    Reports of North Korea testing more of it’s rockets that Kim Jong ordered online from Hobby Town.

    Indications of a stock market crash with the market opening low and not stabilizing during the week

    False flag scenarios worldwide

    Fear of a terrorist attack along with the good ol’ color coding scare like ‘Code Orange’

    An embassy bombing somewhere

    Military agression from China

    Etc, etc, etc

    But they will have some kind of distracting news hit early tomorrow morning so that it takes attention away from Epstein’s death (murder) on Saturday.

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