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    I would say, that the younger you are the more incomprehensible a thing such as freedom is. Freedom is something that I would say I have taken for granted each and every single day. It’s not something that I really think about. Just like oxygen, it’s not something that you normally think of until you’re deprived of it.

    That ignorance of mine is without a doubt my most gravest sin.

    The freedom to think differently than others.
    The freedom to speak my own mind.
    The freedom to have my own say in the decisions I make day and night.
    The freedom to spend my hard earned money on the things I desire.
    The freedom of being able to sleep at night, without the slightest worry.

    I could go on…I really could…
    Freedom, for lack of better terms, is f~~~ing awesome. But, lord knows, there is no hell on earth more vile than a place that deprives you of it.

    When freedom is stripped from your very soul…the experience can be different for everyone…here are my takes on it…

    Your mentality is gradually broken…
    Your wants for luxury are soberly replaced with the needs of necessities…
    Optimism becomes akin to stupidity…
    You begin to question your very worth…
    Bitterness and sadness become your sanctuary…

    And…as time goes on…one of two things happens…
    You psychologically train yourself to become accustomed to this newfound loss of freedom…
    You cope with it…you adapt to it…you deal with it…
    And you simply hope for a better tomorrow and accept the pains of today…
    Bottom line…That thing called freedom…is something that you abandon…

    The other thing you do…is rebel.
    This is where, no matter what, you refuse to accept the loss of your freedom.
    You reject your oppressors, whether defiantly or subtly.
    You choose to yield your will to noone but your own.
    Bottom line…that thing call freedom, becomes something you decide to fight for today, to embrace in a better tomorrow.

    So let’s talk about that price…
    Some people decide to abandon their freedom.
    Some people decide to fight for it.

    What makes freedom so insignificant to one person? And so valuable to another?
    What really is the price of freedom?

    This is the point of the topic, where it becomes philosophical I would say…

    Here’s my answer, and its pretty darn cheesy…

    The answer is you. You are the price of your own freedom. Your regard for freedom is a measure of your own self worth.

    If you think you are worthless, you probably are.
    If you think you are worth something, then you better prove it.

    Freedom comes with a price…and that price is only worth it if you’re worth it.

    The might of masculinity has been lying dormant for quite some time. But as the cycle of life comes full circle, history shall come to repeat itself. We have fallen, and thus, we shall rise again.


    Great post, Frey.

    If you think you are worthless, you probably are.
    If you think you are worth something, then you better prove it.



    A very thoughtful post from a man wise beyond his years. Well done Frey.

    When my self worth is in doubt I imagine myself as my son and the adive I would give to him if he were I.

    If my advice is good enough for my boy and damn right it is then it’s good enough for me.

    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape, finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. Marcus Aurelius


    Get on the NO F~~~S Mobile, pedal to the metal, the f~~~ o meter goes to 0.

    Voila FREEDOM.

    To those following me, be careful, I just farted. Men those beans are killers.


    The freedom of being able to sleep at night, without the slightest worry.

    In my journey in life i spent a little time in the bush with a friend camped near by very far away from people .

    Stars like you have never seen .

    One thing i have never forgot at night time next to a fire .

    I would think how horrible people had it . How the only comfort they had over me was a comfy bed .


    Not a lover of money myself because it doesn’t bring true freedom .

    Success is when one is content within them selves .

    Life passes by in the blink of an eye , don’t miss it brother .

    Life is school and class is in session



    The concept of freedom is different from person to person.

    If you go deep in the concept of freedom, you’ll notice you are not free in the moment you are arround someone. Or under a government, having children, parents, et cetera.

    You would be free living on your own, in a piece of land that is under no goverment, having no bonds with any human being, suffering no outside influences.

    Of course this is a very literal point of view. You can have freedom as many as you want, but you’ll never reach the pure essence of it.

    Don't look back, you're not going that way.

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