The solution is to always cause more problems.

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    I would like to ask you if you have the same thoughts? I’m going to Faust this the best that I can.

    Lets say I want to fix the problem of the light bulb. If I make one, I have to make another for the oven. One for the Car. And one for the street light.

    I started out with one. Now I have 3 of them.

    So why can’t this be done with people? What stops people from doing the same thing?

    I know this is an open ended question. But if you nail it down to one problem, and solve that problem. Then why is it that we always make another one, and leave the light bulb for the street light burnt out?

    I’m starting to see that if there was an answer to the meaning of life, maybe it is simply to create. Not solve problems.
    But create them. As long as their are problems, there can be solutions.

    As long as there are no true absolute solutions, then we simply go on forever.

    Could that be the point to life? It sure seems to be so on a genetic DNA level of all living things. In fact, it seems that when things reach their epitome of existence, they simply no longer evolve. Even staying the same for hundreds of thousands of years or more.

    I have to wonder if Humans have reached their pinnacle from a Biological stance. And now the only other option is to engineer a solution that leapfrogs Darwin’s theory on evolution. And in place of that, pushes an artificial brought forth due to mental acuity of the minds of mankind.

    Each time I think about what has changed from one century to another, its just the same old s~~~, day in and day out from a behavioral aspect. We solve one problem by making another. That solution is a new problem. And so on and so on.

    Do you think as well as I do that if we did in fact find a solution to something say Energy. How would we then overcome that sort of dead end point? Is there a possibility that once we reach a final solution to any one problem, the idea is to make one in order to counteract it? Kind of like a Ying and yang?

    The reason why this perplexes me is that if in fact we solve something like energy, what will come along to take its place?
    It just seems odd that with solutions in place, we must then run away from them to cause more havoc. Almost like its a Human condition to do so?

    What do you think?

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