The Stages of Your Destruction Upon Marrying.

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    You didn’t go into marriage expecting your total destruction. Of course, you didn’t!

    But, THAT is what happened.

    You were sold the fairy tale, find a life partner and a good woman, settle down and have children and grow old together, maybe enjoying visits from the future grand children. Sitting on the porch together and reflecting on the good life you’ve had and the good years still to come.

    It’s not an unreasonable assumption, wish, or dream, assuming you didn’t marry a monster and you yourself aren’t destructive.

    When you look back, you couldn’t imagine the MONSTER she would become. That’s the stuff of nightmares and only happens in films or to the odd poor guy who marries some absolute psycho bitch. You’ll be ok though.

    You’ve found your unicorn and feel blessed.

    Life is good. She treats you well, acts like she’s deeply in love with you. She seems very loyal, kind and loving, something you’ve always wanted deep down, as do most men.

    Life goes along nicely for a while, months or even years, your mileage may vary. Life is comfortable and you don’t question her loyalty.


    In EVERY case, something will rock the boat in those first few years, it doesn’t have to be a full blown affair, it could just be a feeling she’s trash talked you behind your back. Shown some other kind of disloyaty that just doesn’t sit well with you.

    You can’t put your finger on it but the well being you once had seems to be…. eroding.

    Whereas before you never questioned it, now, all too frequently, you find yourself pondering the marriage and how committed she actually is.

    This gradual erosion of your well being is the start of it all.


    It’s only down hill from here on out.

    She says certain things that disturb you, she’s a little more spendy than normal. She argues with you with a lot more hostility and rarely wants to make up, you end up having to be the one to keep the peace and keep trying and working on the marriage.

    Then the next stages begin.

    The girl’s night’s out.

    Her phone always locked and she’s always buried in it.

    The nights out become far more frequent and longer, more costly as they want to do more and more things.

    THEN, in time the girl’s night’s out turn into vacations with the girls without YOU.
    You think it’s a one off at first, hell you both work hard and both had stress lately, she deserves a good vacation. You rationalise it to yourself, but deep down you feel disturbed.

    But then, it’s not one vacation, they, her and the now HIVE, are always organising trips out, weekenders, days, nights, it’s constant with no let up.

    You innocently suggest that the two of you should perhaps have a vacation together too, you know, try and connect again and afterall you need a break too.

    It sounds reasonable.

    Until you find it’s met with OPEN HOSTILITY.


    Because she doesn’t want to be with you.

    So you have to put up or shut up. You try everything to keep the peace as you have children and couldn’t image being without them.
    Her behaviour now is near reckless, from constant trips out, vacations, to spending you both into bankruptcy and be damned with it. Constant trash talking you to friend, family and HIVE.

    You’re deeply unhappy now and don’t know what to do, your well being is destroyed and you can’t reason with this creature, any attempts by you are met with hostility in various degrees.

    Every man who was married or still married, reading this will relate.

    You realize there’s nothing you can do, you can’t save things, despite once believing that if you tried at a marriage it would work, afterall women are the sensitive caring ones, so if you both sit down and talk, it will be fine. Won’t it?


    You’re in a bad places now, spiritually, emotionally, your well being is shot to pieces and you don’t understand the callousness of this woman. I mean you’re a family, right? You think it’s as important to her as it is to you.

    You realize there is a bigger machine going on here, nothing works, whatever you do or say, or try, it simply does NOT work.


    You can’t understand it, all your loyalty, the last 20 years, your investement, your hard work, fixing up the house, doing the yard work, organising nice family things, vacations, and trying to be the caring, loving husband they say they’ve always wanted, non of it works.


    These creatures could care less about you. They are compassionless, have no empathy and only care about themselves.

    They are Absolute narcissists.

    They also know if the marriage fails they get everything anyway, and so they have nothing to lose. They’ll get the house, the cars, your children and all your money plus some new dick, likely they’re getting that anyway.

    One day, whilst doing yard work, contemplating all this and wondering how things got so bad and how you’d still, even now, if she was receptive, try to fix things, because that’s what we do.


    THREE cops run up your driveway and take you away with menaces and force, after she just made the ONE PHONE CALL and lied about you to the police.

    You have no concept this call could even be a thing.

    They do.

    The HIVE spread this little trick far and wide.

    You’re now in JAIL.
    On false abuse charges.

    When you finally get bail, you’re not allowed near your house or children. No phone calls or texts. If you text your child you go to JAIL.

    If your child texts you pleading “Daddy where are you?” and you answer to just say “I’m ok sweetheart” you go to JAIL.

    You can’t make this s~~~ up!

    Your life as you knew it is over.

    Even after six months of hell as you go through criminal trials and no money, as it all goes on attorneys, you get found innocent, IF you’re lucky like I was. Those that don’t, well….that’s a whole other life destroying event.

    You’re now blackened to all your friends and family. The bitch has been setting this up for months, you often wondered why folk just weren’t the same with you anymore.

    You have to ask permission to visit your own home to get your own stuff out of your garage and just hope she hasn’t thrown it out yet.

    Also, despite being an always there and good Father, you’re name is now ruined and her and the HIVE have made sure you’re only known as DEADBEAT DAD.


    THIS is how c~~~s operate and destroy you, all preplanned and executed without emotion.

    You now have lost your home, your children and your money, likely your retirement too.

    Another man is sitting in your chair, walking your dog and f~~~ing your wife all with the blessing of the state.

    You no longer, if like me of a certain age, have time to recover. You can never retire and your life is now hard starting all over again with NOTHING in your 50’s.

    Psychologically, it can also be a killer. You just never feel the same again.

    This is a typical modern day marriage and how it unfolds, to a greater or lesser degree.

    Is this what you want, to live that above scenario?

    THAT is how marriage is today.

    It is a modern day SCAM of epic proportions inflicted on good men.

    For the love of GOD,

    Don’t, just don’t.

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