The Stages of Your Destruction Upon Marrying.

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    Family feminist court system needs to be burnt to the ground and rebuilt . Been really angry today over the damage done .

    Never trust a woman


    Any medium of control of man’s family is bound to cause problems and strife. Ripe for corruption, and serves no positive purpose.

    If you buy a car, you made that your problem. If you have a family, you should have to take care of it. And only those that are apart of it.

    I’m sick of intervention programs. We have enough of them just with our own families. Who needs MOAR? Its not like its ever stopped anyone from breaking the law. Or done very much good if any long term.

    I;m sorry, but things worked better when men policed other men as to not have their s~~~ becomes theirs.

    If people don’t seem to enjoy dictatorships, why would anyone want the family court to be revitalized? Its as stupid as GUN control. The ammunition does the damage. Without it, the firearm is useless. So why ask the state to police the affairs of man, when its women who make the choice of a family in the first place? Should they not have to deal with buyers remorse like all people?

    Marriage is a Consumer item. Its not about love, but the love of wealth. Women do not bring a MAN wealth. A MAN brings that!

    So if a woman is only there to facilitate a system that overall benefits women? Why on earth should they be given any power to control that? Feelings be damned. WOmen don’t have any reason NOT TOO destroy a family unit. Why would we then go out of our way to ensure its demise?

    Like it or not, a woman is worth gold if she is able to raise good children and be a great mother. SHe has her life set. Under the system that we operate in now, a man has no reason to benefit others or himself by any union with a woman. In fact, the father he distances himself from a woman, the more prosperous he is. And happy oddly!

    I ask you this. If a man has 5 daughters. That means that 5 other men from other families get to enjoy his hard work of raising them. He puts in all the work, while some other guy expects you to have kids that are worth having a family with.
    If that is so, then women are not in the business of caring about that. So.. Why on earth have women any rights to what a man has for a family?

    Not only that, but a woman can leave at any time. There is no real pleasure for her to take care of her Brood. So, why is it that MEN are made to pay the price for her choices? Again, in the current day and age, women make the choice weather they have your children or not. Or have a relationship with you. If Hypergamy is indeed real, then by that metric, there is ZERO benefit to having her have any reign over your family legally.

    If men have nothing to gain, then why would they have a union in the first place? And if in fact women are indeed valuable, then they will be treated as such! And treated very well I might add.

    However, giving the government the chance to medal in your own affairs is simply the larger outside whole deciding what is best for them. Not you as a man. Does that make ANY SENSE?

    We all have seen what happens when the government is given charge. Its leads t0 Infanticide. And we saw that happen in both China and India. And now we are seeing that happen in the West where women use economics to dictate weather they are going to have a child or not?

    Steven Crowder had this talk with a woman where he said that the poor kid had every as much right to live as a rich one. So why is it that a woman made that choice? It was solely due to government intervention of horrible ideas! Forget abortion, what about childbirth out of wedlock? Even with the amazing number of options women have for birth control to them, they still somehow use it as a method of control of men. Not for moral good of Society, but to ensure she is able to lock down a paycheck. Despite the fact that we have systems in place that reward women for having children in the first place. Women see no value in that either!

    The FAMILY COURT and its derivatives are CANCER and a Locust swarm to the good stable crops of mankind’s positive aspects.


    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this.

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