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    At the moment when he finds himself handcuffed to Agent Utah after their fight on the beach in Australia

    Just one wave. That was all he asked for – but they both knew that it would be Bodhi’s last wave and that if he made it back to the beach, it would be because they recovered his body.

    Symbolic. . .

    Because for some of us, we would rather die free than live in a cage.

    During my blue pill era, before my awakening, I had a moment on a beach in Cabo like that one. Only I was not handcuffed.

    I looked over at the pumpkin next to me and realized that I was restrained not by a handcuff but by my own fractured sense of self and a myriad of neuro chemical that included oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.

    And I didn’t need one more wave. I needed my life back. Every aspect of it. The components that made me who I was as a man before she met me. I needed my life force back: the elements that she was initially attracted to that she systematically began breaking down once I was secured.

    Bodhi was given a chance at one more wave but it would be his last.

    I was given a chance at another life and more importantly, the distance and time away from where I had been to fully process and understand my previous life.

    Living every minute of each day now as part of an enlightened rebirth and second genesis.

    Grateful – conscious – awakened and healed.


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