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    Thank you. This manifesto is the Best Christmas gift I have even received, and I wasn’t even expecting it. Excellent work posting it and bringing it to the forefront.

    These people-police, prosecutors and judges-are suppose to protect us. They are checks and balances to prevent injustice. That is why we spend so much money of police training. But if the police screw it up, the prosecutor can catch it. If the prosecutor misses it then the judge can step in to fix it. But if all three have been compromised, then what does one need to do to get justice?

    They have not been compromised. They have always existed to enforce slavery on the man, to profit off the man’s misfortune, and ensure hierarchical dominance over the common man. It cannot be any other way, otherwise, parties of contracts would instead agree to binding arbitration from a private third party arbitration company, that must prove it’s worth in the marketplace.

    There really is a government pogrom against men.

    Yes, there is.

    And although life is difficult in third-world countries, there is much freedom over there for men that does not exist here, and generally over there, the men understand the nature of women better, at least a decade ago. That may be changing.


    Mgtower wrote:I hope a 21st century Arlo Guthrie picks up on this and immortalizes Thomas Ball in song!

    I read this four times and it strikes me to tears every time.
    I may write that song.
    Remember in Alice’s restaurant the judge was blind.

    I tossed my SSN card upon the bench of the judge who ruined my life
    and said “I name you trustee of that account.”
    he asked “what is this about?”
    I replied “child support”

    Instead of addressing my child support issue, he tapped
    around on his computer and issued two warrants
    for failure to appear on a couple of three year
    old traffic tickets.
    I had appeared and filed my own paperwork claiming
    the right to travel. That is why no warrants
    were issued way back when I got the tickets.

    So he issued two warrants for failure to appear
    on a man standing right in front of him.
    Blind injustice.

    I am a mortal man who cannot disappear and I have not been hiding.

    Thomas Ball will be remembered and immortalized.

    I was bound to be misunderstood, and I laugh at those who misunderstand me. Kind mockery at the well intentioned, but unfettered cruelty towards those would be prison guards of my creative possibilities. This so as to learn as much from misunderstanding as from understanding. Taking pleasure in worthy opponents and making language fluid and flowing like a river yet pointed and precise as a dagger. Contradicts the socialistic purpose of language and makes for a wonderful linguistic dance, A verbal martial art with constant parries that hone the weapon that is the two edged sword of my mouth.



    Thomas Ball will be remembered and immortalized.

    When getting married and doing the right thing leads a man to burning himself alive something is definitely very wrong with society!

    The man, the man, the man is on fire.

    They don’t give no water and the motherf~~~er burns, he burns motherf~~~er he burns…


    Been a while since this thread had a bump. We can’t forget this guy.

    "Data, I would be delighted to offer any advice I can on understanding women. When I have some, I'll let you know." --Captain Picard,

    Ranger One
    Ranger One

    It is a shame that Thomas Ball set himself on fire instead of finding the people that the judge loved the most, and made them die screaming, and forced him to watch.

    People will act nicer if they think everyone they love will die screaming if they act like a c~~~.

    All my life I've had doubts about who I am, where I belonged. Now I'm like the arrow that springs from the bow. No hesitation, no doubts. The path is clear. And what are you? Alive. Everything else is negotiable. Women have rights; men have responsibilities; MGTOW have freedom. Marriage is for chumps. If someone stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up behind them and stab them in the heart-R'as al Ghul.

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