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    Probably going to have a re-read of this. I quite enjoy Neil Strauss’s writings and have met the guy.

    I discovered PUA before MGTOW and it did get me results. I see nothing but scorn for it thesedays, often from MGTOWs but I don’t think we are entirely removed from these purple pillers. Yes the methods they use can be positively sociopathic and they still locate validation externally with women.

    But in many ways reading this book was my first red pill and a conversation with my mother who once told me of the predatory, selfish emotionally driven mindset of almost all women.

    If men choose to have f-buddies or pump and dump I think some of PUA IS still relevant. Since most are not chads it could help even the playing field. One of the mqny, many criticisms laid at the door of PUA is how do you game false rape accusations, or a flat out crazy woman. You can also end up being stalked (as I’ve been on more than one occasion.)

    Interested in your thoughts gentlemen, especially more than just immediate dismissal as it’s nice to explore areas without the immediate binary choice of everything is good or bad. And I do think PUA was the path for many men to go MGTOW.

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