Today, I am not homeless!!!!

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    Congratuations my friend I like the advice others have given about keeping things minimalistic. Too many poccessions up up owning you. Not to mention effecting your liquidity.


    may 7 2020 wrote:yeah, I know, May you are such a dork posting this useless s~~~ here. Everybody has a home with closets and cabinets and all that. Whatever. Not homeless today. 🙂

    No everyone does not have what you are calling a home.

    I will always be welcome here at my mothers house.
    It will always be considered my home.

    I sleep in a back room that is used for storage when I am working out of state.

    Every winter when I return I have to clean it up and make room for myself all over again.

    I too hold out hope for a house, But for now I do have a home at my mothers house. This is a permanent home base.

    This is not complaints just showing you
    that some of us are still not where we wish
    to be.

    I am happy for you. Enjoy your home.

    I was bound to be misunderstood, and I laugh at those who misunderstand me. Kind mockery at the well intentioned, but unfettered cruelty towards those would be prison guards of my creative possibilities. This so as to learn as much from misunderstanding as from understanding. Taking pleasure in worthy opponents and making language fluid and flowing like a river yet pointed and precise as a dagger. Contradicts the socialistic purpose of language and makes for a wonderful linguistic dance, A verbal martial art with constant parries that hone the weapon that is the two edged sword of my mouth.

    Dark Kenshi
    Dark Kenshi

    I will make my voice join the choir of other brothers who congratulated you for your hard work, and for your happiness.

    It was deserved, you fought for it and you won. Congrats, bro.

    It will get better and better, you will see. Life starts now, bro.

    "Young was I once, I walked alone, and bewildered seemed in the way; then I found me another and rich I thought me, for man is the joy of man." Odin, Hàvamàl, stanza 47.

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)

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