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    I put on British show ‘Bodyguard’, some sort of police / special operations thriller series, out of curiosity.

    It is basically an updated version of ‘Spooks’, an old show about the security/secret services.

    What a load of s~~~e.

    The first scene, a male cop is on a train and becomes aware of a potential suicide bomber. His two children are with him. He speaks to the train manager who is a woman. He finds the suicide bomber in the toilet.. a woman.

    The train pulls into a dummy station and special ops are there to greet the terrorist. A unit boards the train and is led by a woman. Said woman tells the male cop to stand down, he defies her order (unrealistic) and talks the suicide bomber round from detonating the device, with such clichéd remarks as “we’re just pawns for politicians, you and I”. I mean when has a suicide bomber ever been talked around by a cop? She would have been shot in the head / kill zone at the first opportunity.

    A sniper confirms to the SO boss she’s in position. Guess what? The sniper is a woman. At this point I started to laugh. I mean a female f~~~ing sniper. F~~~ing outrageous. She doesn’t have a clean shot because ex soldier Scottish cop is in the way, protecting the suicide bomber. He is asking for ‘expo’ – the explosives officer.

    The expo walks who is a WOMAN walks onto the train!

    By this point there were only two male characters, the cop and the suicide bomber’s husband (who had no words).

    The suicide bomber’s husband is being dragged off the train and the crisis is over. The cop tells the terrorist “it’s ok, he can’t hurt you now”.

    So it turns out the suicide bomber was a victim all along! A victim of her patriarchal husband no doubt. Wanting to blow up a train full of civilians was not her fault. The poor woman.

    Later the cop is being debriefed by his FEMALE boss. Yes Ma’am, no Ma’am. Guy is like a robot. Unrealistic.

    His next assignment is close protection for the Home Secretary… a woman.

    I mean this is a full on f~~~ing feminist show.

    Next a female Personal Assistant is chewing out her male minister boss in front of the Home Secretary and a live news crew calling him a “narcissistic smug prick”. She gets fired/quits and is picked up in a blacked out Range Rover (odd). Later she’s telling a journalist (a woman) her former boss is a sociopath. The journalist asks for evidence: “I’ve worked for two years in the Home Office.”

    Next up the cop goes to apologise to his wife (separated) who tells him he needs help. Preventing a mass murder and saving his kids didn’t qualify him as a good father/partner. Obviously he has PTSD like every other clichéd former serviceman TV character does. She tells him she’s met someone, he is visibly hurt but then says: “You never know what could happen to me at work. Let’s not get divorced yet – you’ll still get the pension if we’re legally married.”

    Start of second episode, he’s dropping his kids off to school. His young son is crying in the back of the car. He turns and shouts at his son “what have I told you about crying? Never show weakness, they only hurt you more”. Toxic masculinity.

    Major incident.. a van full of explosives is driving towards a school. A squad car cuts them off and three armed officers shoot the drivers dead through the windscreen. Not one of the officers is a woman, I thought that was odd. Six male officers approach the van to confirm the terrorists are dead. The black cop approaches the nearside window and notices one of the terrorists isn’t dead. He smiles as he detonates the bomb, killing everyone around. NOTE: ALL MEN!!!!

    Short version: this is feminist fantasy bollocks for civvies who know jack s~~~ about the police/military. Women in command, robotic disposable / toxic men, cardboard Asian terrorists.

    British TV at its s~~~est. What a load of gash!


    Even in the media, the trend for putting ‘strong female characters’ into everything has attracted adverse comment. Not, I would guess because they disagree with it, but because they fear that it may be being pushed too hard.

    JB Books
    JB Books

    I tuned out from gynocentric media a long while back. Once whatever I’m watching causes me to think “What in the hell is this bulls~~~??”, I’m outta there. Not gonna waste my time with crappola.

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    Toxic Hollywood.

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.


    If there’s a woman on the cover/poster/ad for the movie, it’s going to be a “strong female lead”, propaganda piece.
    This comprises about 90% of all movies now.


    Supergirl is as flat as a board…


    I watch it at work because some kid turns on the TV at every coffee break. My eyes hurt from rolling them so much.

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    I’m a bit late to this thread but I watched this show and yup you’re right, BBC at its most politically correct. Heaven forbid we should have a male character do anything other than twirl his villain moustache!

    You might be amused to hear that there was some discussion of this in the media, and I actually remember people complaining that Bodyguard wasn’t feminist enough because having all these female characters was unrealistic and the show was going to confuse women into thinking they were more liberated than they actually are…

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