Uniparty going full paranoid.

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    Uniparty going full paranoid.

    The below is a interesting video that should be watched concerning the self-destruction. The interesting stuff starts at the seven minute mark.

    Personally, while I had no doubt that the usurpers would immediately oppress the working class, there was a possibly of a honeymoon period for the various factions in the beltway.

    But, as seen in the video, that is not the case.

    The uniparty realizes they have committed open treason. Now, they are allowing their paranoia to run their decision making. The uniparty is already separating out any troops in D.C. that supported/voted for President Trump.

    Further the uniparty plans to purge the military, law enforcement, and much of government of any supporters of President Trump. For those that do not know, those in government that supported President Trump were the competent people whom did the actually work and fighting.

    It is likely that the vast majority of the soldiers in the U.S. military are supporters of President Trump.

    There is no reason to believe the uniparty will stop there. The uniparty are already drafting bills that would declare all white men whom are not part of the uniparty to be “terrorists” to have all wealth, weapons, and freedoms immediately stripped from them without due process.

    This level of paranoia is usually only seen at the late stages of regimes, where those in power are so isolated, with no loyalty outside of their personal groups, that they see enemies EVERYWHERE.

    That being said, the Military Industrial Complex is not going to let those that help to rigged and election for gut their power.

    There is the possibly there will be a military coup before there is a chance before a civil war/revolution can start.

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