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    There is an old joke that goes like this:

    How do you know that God is not an architect?
    Because no architect would put the leisure area near the sewers.

    So, obviously vaginas smell bad. Just because its a body part that is exclusively female does not make it “pure” or “holly”. It is not exempt from its reality: it is a hole for excretion.

    There is a similar hole, not so multipurpose as vaginas, but also not as glorified: the asshole. There is no discussion that the ass smells bad. It is a natural consequence of its function. The only thing we can do (men and women, the proud owners of the ass), is to have a good hygiene.

    The vagina is the same, we can only expect that women have a good hygiene, or else it will fester with bad smells and bad diseases. Obviously the same applies to men’s genitalia, bad hygiene will give you a bad smell. It is only NATURAL.

    This is so obvious that you should be chuckling by now, but I ask you gentlemen: why do you chase vaginas? After all, doesn’t it smell bad? Men usually dont chase manure, do they? Yet they chase vaginas and ass. As long it is female… (with some exceptions.)

    Even that is natural, it is the instinct of reproduction that leads men to chase women. That instinct leads men to do things they normally wouldn’t. That instinct leads men to ignore things they normally shouldn’t.

    That is why men are attracted to women’s holes, to the point of glorification. If we go to a porn site we see plenty of vaginas and ass, like it is some kind of magical object of desire and adoration.

    It is not. They are natural orifices, with the main function of excretion, and therefore smell bad.

    It is only when our brain is blind with sexual impulses that we ignore these things. If we are lucky we get access to the female orifices when they are clean and she is expecting to have sex. Imagine having access to a woman’s parts at any random time of the day… You can only hope that she takes care of her hygiene properly, and even then… you dont want to have bad timing.

    If you are feeling a slight sense of discomfort with this talk, please notice it, because that is my point. Your discomfort arises from the contradictory nature of your desire and the objective negative reality of what I am saying.


    We do not like to think about the other things women do with their vaginas, because it will spoil our sex haze and wake up the rational part of our brain. It might even make us NOT desire anymore!

    The point of this post is not the smell of body parts, but the refusal to face reality when we are seeking the fulfillment of a desire.

    What do you sacrifice? Your time? Would you go out in a date to talk with a strange woman that you will NOT have sex with? I doubt it. You would never find common interests to talk about. You would rather go out with your male friends… But put sex in the game, and you forget all this.

    What do you sacrifice? Your money? How much would you spend with a stranger if you had not expectations?

    What do you sacrifice? Your freedom? That is the ultimate sacrifice, you make the commitment of sharing everything you have, your time, your family, your future… All for access to sex and companionship. The question is, do you get these things? Does it justify the degree upon which you are committed?

    Nobody can know the future. The outcome of your choices is always unknown until the end. The only thing you have to assist you in your choices is your rational mind and the observation of the world.

    Doesn’t it strike you as strange that your rational side is short-circuited? Like nature was setting you up for something against your reason?

    Don’t you realize that MOST examples around you of marriage and relationships would discourage you from it, if you were able to think straight?

    But no. Not only mother nature has set you up to chase bad smelling holes, but society will criticize you for saying things like “vagina smell bad”. They will call you misogynistic, even if you are simply stating the truth, because they dont want you to start thinking straight.

    It is not the odor of the bodily functions that stink, it is the subsequential s~~~show that you see yourself involved.

    So, next time you see yourself surrounded by an haze of sexual excitement, remind yourself of what smell that vagina might have. It might be enough to wake you up and start making rational decisions.

    Greetings, programs!

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