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    Hermit is going to his son’s wedding. He already told the kid its crazy to get married. What the hell else can you do? We all know the Blue Pill Addicts love vagina and wont listen no matter what until it happens to them.
    In the meantime, he gets to wear a tux, drink some beers and watch his son be happy on his wedding day. So we all know the odds, okay. But on that day, he can choose to enjoy the evening and his son’s company. This is real life.

    I’ve talked with him many times and said all I can say. The day he told me he wanted me to come to his wedding, one of the things he did was to relinquish me of any responsibility. He said that he knows I’ve done all I can to help him and to prevent him from making the mistake of marriage and whatever happens from this point on is solely on him and not me. I appreciated that, even though it may have been his kind way to get me to shut up about it. Anything more I would do from this point on will only serve to create distance between my son and I.

    I’ll be wearing all black, but it won’t be a tuxedo. However, I will be drinking to excess as I will not be enjoying this awful ritual of the legal bonding between my son and his female.

    Thanks for understanding and as you say, “this is real life”.

    The evil in women’s hearts leaves them no moral bounds as to inhibit them from descending to the lowest levels of darkness to acquire their self entitled desires.

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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