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    Not sure if this was posted yet.

    MGTOW requirements.-No (more) kids, No (more) marriage, No (more) Cohabitation. For the lurkers.


    Sadly, its too late. Feminism has ruined everything. Ladies, Youre on your own.




    Don’t let them off the hook with this nonsense. They’ve been doing these “excesses” for 50+ years, and have never drawn any distinction until now. Why is that? Did they suddenly just happen to NOTICE it now? Is this the FIRST time it actually happened?

    Of course not. Instead, something else happened which they weren’t prepared for. Men backed them up, then walked away and refused to have anything to do with them.

    Don’t let them off the hook. Keep backing #metoo. Act like everything is super serious and any criticism of #metoo is misogynist. That means lecturing women and manginas and viciously attacking them for being patriarchal s~~~lord misogynists, or rapists, or whatever else if you want to actually talk to them. Otherwise simply do what we always do and just ghost out. #icethemout #manout

    Under no circumstances should any MGTOW or any other man claim #metoo went too far or argue against any of these women’s claims. Repeat the same feminist narratives we always hear, about victim shaming, judging, and all the rest of that.

    The second men argue against #metoo, women win again. They’ll instantly turn around and start attacking those men as misogynists, the white knights will rally behind women again, and the same old bulls~~~ will happen.

    It’s too late to break the cycle and fix things. We have to go the other way, completely commit and let society destroy itself as a result. #acceleratethecollapse

    Can't Stump Trump
    Can’t Stump Trump

    The “excesses” of metoo? Like the “excesses” of feminism? The whole thing is rotten to the core. There’s no “excess,” there’s just evil.

    Women are better at multitasking? Fucking up several things at once is not multitasking.


    Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy

    Nice point Phoenix, didn’t think of it that way. They went too far and too many lies and too much gold digging was revealed. Now they are trying to paper over the filth and make it seem like it might be too far let’s forget about it.

    They will retreat and regroup to cook up another bulls~~~ man hating, evil plan to ruin hard working men once again, this time without backlash on the c~~~s themselves.

    Back the bad idea and let them face the full impact of it rather than allow for damage control. I like it.

    "Have you ever thought about any real freedoms? Freedom from the opinions of others...even from the opinions of yourself?"

    Wizard's Pupil
    Wizard’s Pupil

    Don’t let them off the hook. Keep backing #metoo. Act like everything is super serious and any criticism of #metoo is misogynist.

    Exactly, #metoo has been an excellent thing for MGTOW. I hope it goes much farther.

    We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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