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    I have been away for a while, but now I’m back. More about this later.

    I was thinking of the lack of awareness of reality from which blue pillers suffer so sorely and developed a mental picture of the differences between they and us.

    Imagine you are standing in the open and you are blindfolded. There is a multitude around you and you gradually become aware they are blindfolded also.
    You hear the occasional scream of terror that rapidly fades to nothing. You are moved and jostled by the crowd, you are in constant motion. The screams get nearer.
    You struggle to remove your blindfold as you have done so often in the past but, alas, it is sewn to your face. The next scream is very close. You know something horrible is happening, it is happening to people around you.
    You are gripped with fear and a desparate need to know what is going on.
    You struggle with your blindfold, the stitches pulling painfully at your skin. Your desparation to understand what’s really happening pushes you to do the unthinkable, you tear at the blindfold as if you were tearing off your own face. The stitches tear through your skin with agonising pain seemingly taking an eternity as each stitch rips its way through your flesh.
    You blink away blood and cringe from the painful light that now fills your eyes.
    As vision comes to you, you can see a huge crowd of people milling about on a high plateau surrounded by sheer vertical cliffs. You are on the brink of the precipice and you shove your way back into the crowd to a chorus of complaints.
    You watch unbelieving as a person is nudged over the edge by the crowd. Their scream fades to nothing.

    You realise you were meant to fall as all the others. To fall to your death for no good reason.
    You are aware you are in a very bad place but with your painfully aquired vision you are safe for now. Certainly safer than all the blind victims around you.

    You don’t know what to do or where to go,but you do know one thing.
    No matter how reassuring the darkness may have been, you will never put the blindfold back on…

    Being a man is incredible good luck. Do not waste it on the unlucky.

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