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    When you see your daughters the next time, don’t freak out. Just be real with them, and let time be the healer.

    And get out of education. That’s a depressing place to be these days. Find a job that either makes money (and don’t tell your ex) or requires labor – that will make you feel good. Or do ESL overseas – those jobs are easy to get, and you could use a vacation. ESL is perfect for guys in your situation.

    Best of luck.


    Human psychology is made up of a jungle of complex layers that make no sense but are just designed to protect us from the pain of our reality. If we had to face the pain of our situation in a mature way, many people, especially women and girls, would just have their heads explode.

    Your daughters may not really hate you at all. First of all, they’re just prisoners reading a prepared statement from your ex. They have to live with your ex, not with you. What’s a prisoner going to do, argue with her captor, and make life even worse for herself?

    Now…What would happen to their psyche if they loved and missed you and hated their mom? Their life would be a living hell in their own mind, because you’re not there. So the mind builds up a protective layer to prevent itself from imploding psychologically.

    Your daughters aren’t old enough to understand your pain – they just know your a man and that their own mind is a clusterf~~~ of emotions because they are girls. So they are probably just protecting themselves by inventing a story in their mind to justify their circumstances. That’s how they human psyche works. They may love you so much that if they don’t totally hate you, they will be heartbroken. Yeah as a man that’s totally f~~~ed up to us, but THEY’RE NOT MEN – it’s not possible for them to make sense.

    They also may be lashing out at you for not fighting hard enough for them to get custody, especially if they were daddy’s girls. I am not saying that to blame you or make you feel bad – only to offer a suggestion to make you realize that they do not in fact hate you, deep down. Yeah, you can’t fight the system, but they don’t know that! They don’t know our courts are ruled by c~~~s to destroy men. They watch TV and think courts are fair.

    They have no choice but to hate you – you’re not there. If they loved you on a surface level, their life would be complete torture. So on the surface, they HAVE to hate you. They have no choice. It’s their defense mechanism against going completely crazy. Would you prefer they love you, and climb to the top of a clock and shoot everybody because they can’t be with you? The pain is too great – they have developed a protective layer to protect themselves from losing you.

    So next time you think about suicide because your girls hate you, just realize they probably don’t really hate you – there’s a lot of stuff going on inside the mind – we call it hate, but really it’s just survival. The mind hates in order to protect the heart.

    Get a plan to get your life on track. Accept where you are right now, and work to land yourself a job and start working hard. Build up your self-confidence, and your bank account, while understanding that your daughters are just waiting for your to get your s~~~ together so you can get back custody of them. In the meantime, do easy on them and understand their predicament. They hate you to avoid the heartbreak of separation, that is all. But don’t try to point that out to them, because they are not on a level where they can even understand that themselves. Just spend a year to get your s~~~ together an things will work themselves out. Be strong, brother.



    thanks sandals

    I am pretty sure that what my daughter did was for show…going along to get along with the c~~~. I teach that age group….there is no way a child would have a prepared 30 minute monologue, and it was not my daughter’s “voice”. I know kids that age are barely out of the self centered stage.

    The c~~~ looked like a helicopter mom at the holiday play watching her special snowflake recite a Christmas poem.

    The main reason why I fought for their right to see me was I realized that they were prisoners, kidnapped by the c~~~. They hated going back to mommys house. We all hated sunday afternoon.

    You offer some good ideas and insight, thank you brother.


    Ah f~~~ this is one tough ass story even when i am not a f~~~ing family man at heart.

    I mean if i have a daughter in the first place i would not be in its life and i would rather run for the hills then to deal with it and if i have a son id only support it till some bitch tries to make some f~~~ing demand in order to see him.

    So if the bitch decides you must do X (aside from the s~~~ the state forces me to do already) to see the kid then i will drop out of the kids life and head for the island or find a state where they can’t get me at.

    So the best you can do here probably is to be out of the kids life for now and if they hopefully contact you in the future restart a relationship but if they don’t then pretty much consider them to have died just like you do with the relative that cuts all contact with you.

    Just an east coast asshole who likes to curse, If you get offended by words like fuck, cunt, shit, piss, bitch or any racial slurs then you just scroll down.


    Not trying to jack this thread. But You know what, the story is always similar.

    This happened to me when my middle son told me that He was going to kill me and beat me up if I came and picked him up. After that, I did what a good mentor boss told me to do. (Jimmy Salvos, a Greek Restaurant owner and businessman I use to work with in High school)

    He told me had he had to wash his hands of his sister and his brothers for what was going on with him at the time.

    (He also told me to masturbate till about age 35 then get around girls. SO RIGHT HE WAS. He knew what was going to happen)

    Now when it happened to me. I felt horrible. These were my Boys, and I have hardly seen them. They use to CRY when they came over to see me. And over the years, I was only used to get things. That’s all.

    And Why? Years later, Mom fessed up, and let me know. But what about the 17 years I missed out on. She was telling them everything. Women do this. But then tell us WE are doing the brainwashing right? (Like I said Bro, your story almost Exactly like mine. )

    Well, one day my middle son called. Said they missed me. Really, its just that I have financial capital, And they can see where there life was going. Still. They see it.

    Well, you can tell that he felt as though he was being left out. Well, he started wanting to spend more time with me. And He felt good about having a strong male role model.

    Bottom line, he was looking for a father. Not just a video game. So this is where it becomes a problem for you.
    Daughters are not looking for fathers to give them guidance and rules. They want nothing to do with that. They are happy doing their own thing and talking about the problem that does not exist.

    When she had this speech ready, bro. I don’t know how old your daughter was. But think about it. If you Really did spend at least till the age of 8 raising them, you would think that they would see past this bulls~~~.

    Actually. No. Daughters only see that you are gone. That’s it. End of story. You can bet that you will be told that YOU were the problem. Well You were. You were stopping mom from being happy. Yup. See where I am getting a here.

    So what they are afraid of is that one day, they will have to deal with a man leaving them. And then it affects their ability to grasp what the future holds for them. And you bet your life that MOM is training her daughters on how to take advantage of life.

    You Know I have 2 daughters as well. One that I raised since he time she was 3 months old. Do you know what I got the whole time? Yup. S~~~. No mater what I did, I was never the parent they could bond with. Mom makes sure of that.

    The trick here is if you want them, they must run for you and stand by you. If that does not happen. Well. You see what the problem here is don’t you? They HAVE a great place. YOU do NOT. So that is more important to them.

    ALL kids see this. Why do you think I always send stuff to my son, and work harder to make sure he has stuff that his siblings do not. When he starts to feel bad about it. THEN you know its not just being used.

    You may feel that way. But be honest and let him know, you are tired, or you worked very hard or extra hours to get him or her that.

    Your job in this case if you are trying to get them back is to show that YOU are BETTER without them. I know WEIRD as f~~~ right? But that is what you must do.

    YOU NEED to show that you are SO MUCH better off now. And you have tons more money due to not having to deal with them. And you need to rub it in their faces that “I am so glad that she let me know it was ME that was the problem”

    That way when the PHONE CALL and DON’T ANSWER TEXTS OR EMAILS. You will see why…
    When the phone call comes. You will be able to see right through any BULLS~~~. Hell let them know they made the right choice and that you are so happy for them. Make sure you let them know how happy you are of their mom for making the right decisions for them. You want to make sure YOU are HAPPY for them. Even if they tell you things suck. You keep telling them they are just having a bad day, and MOM will make it better.

    Even if you find out something is wrong. TRUST BE BRO. THEY WILL STAY. Why do you think so many women stay with abusive dudes? Its because the other option is to take care of yourself, and that does not fit well with women. And they are looking for another score.. Even Kids do this of both sexes.

    If you have not built that loyalty so they won’t be able to swallow bulls~~~. You have a chance.

    What f~~~ed you was that time you did not get to see them. (That long no contact order) What I did was two fold. And I should write about it. Its to long to put on a post. But short terms, you must make sure you KEEP contact. And yes,. Even if that means, $100 an hour for visitation. Yup. Go sell drugs. Or suck dick. DO IT> (I’m not joking. DO whatever. But Don’t do it in Oregon. Its against the law to suck dick there. 

    Your JOB is to SHOW THEM that they will be MISSING out on a better life. Yes this seems weird right? They are suppose to love you no matter what? Well. Sorry bro. It’s the nature of females to adjust to their soundings.
    With girls your job is to SHOWER THEM WITH CRAP. Yup. CRAP. Always be on the know for what they are wanting and looking for.

    Now HER is where YOU got SCREWED. You were the one that made less money.

    Sorry man. It’s the way of the world bro. You wanted substance. They do not. That’s life man. I am sorry.

    Also, the one thing they get that you could never give is a free pass to do whatever they want. Even if it is bad for them. MOM LOVES that you are hurting. It makes her sucking Thunder c~~~ so MUCH better. The kids love it due to Thunder c~~~ never has a say in anything. Basically NO RULES!

    Meanwhile, Thunder c~~~ is going to just take advantage of the situation, and have a great life. He may even f~~~ your daughters as they get older. Guess what? Its cool! Mom says its okay. (I hope not, but bro, Like I said. I am THERE right now….)

    Now what are you to do with your daughters so young. SHOULD YOU TAKE THEM ON/..

    Let me give you a word of advice.

    Your KIDS are HAPPY. That’s all that matters. Don’t worry about abuse. You will see why as time goes on what Really goes on when MOM run’s the house. You will start to see them fighting. And things will break down.

    In the end. THEY KNOW what they did man. THEY KNOW you were good. THEY KNOW you…. again.. WERE as in YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE A SUCKY MGTOW and F~~~ YOUR LIFE ANYMORE.

    Let them come to you when they are older. And No matter what. YOUR JOB IS TO MAKE MORE MONEY THEN HER. Be Better then THEM. And LIVE A BETER LIFE. It’s the only And ONLY way you will get their respect.

    And when they come crying to you YEARS later assuming they have never contacted you with the excuse they could not find you. Make sure you have a face book page up. Just don’t use it. Have their pics and videos there. And just let it be.

    They know how to get a hold of you. DO NOT ASK TO BE HEIR FRIENDS. Just let them know if they post public how you feel about that pic of some stupid thing they care about. BUT NEVER be FIRST to ask for friends. Just KEEP TO YOUR LIFE. THEY WILL RESPECT YOU LATER ON FOR THIS.

    NOW. They are older. They CALL YOU. (again, never let your status show you are on Facebook, but make sure to get the EMAIL reports. ) and LISTEN to what they must want to say but can’t.
    Make sure you DON”T return a “I love you”. NEVER tell them that. That means you don’t care what they did, and its okay. They knew full well what was going on.

    Now if you keep getting the calls, make sure your voice mail has some really cute recording of you and your kids when they were younger. Key here is you want to MAKE THEM FEEL SOMETHING . Something that they have been told they do not need.

    After they start to see that your life is great, and that you were sad that it happened, but you had to move on, THEY will start to WANT to be in your Life.

    What is going to really suck for you is…. Its going to be YEARS. The one thing you HAVE to remember is. That MAY BE YOUR KID. But SHE is no longer going to be a kid anymore. She is an adult woman. And she has her own needs to think about.

    That is where you MAKE YOUR MARK MY BOY! Its STILL APART OF YOU. Just Not ALL apart of you.

    And Guess what? You get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN….. BUT AT NO COST TO YOU!. Let some other sucker pay for it.  SEE. There is a bright side to EVERY THING!

    And if it’s a boy. Its your turn to make her feel like s~~~. Grandma TOO!> And then it just gets better and better.

    Like I said. Dude. You win either way. Yea, it sucks you loose out now. BUT BRO. You got years. USE THEM.

    Also. Never forget. Kids, NOW know what’s going on bro. They see it. S~~~ I saw it when I was young my dad was a goof. He was a good man. BUT right after I found out he did not bother to get me when he took everyone else to EXPO 86. HE WAS DEAD TO ME>

    So if you have a boy, you got a chance man. BUT a GIRL. Dude. Sorry you lost when you left out the door. And you were no there to Battle the BRAINWASHING that she was doing. And in the end. You will win. Why. They have to deal what they made. And I am telling you. You will have a grandson that will love you and respect you. But only if you get good with the dad. (assuming he is not a POS. If he IS. FREE KID!!!!!!) WOHOOHOO!! \

    Now this is all said in fun. But the crazy thing is. Yup. This is how it is. I’m sorry man. That’s the truth. Even if mom dies. Dude what you will get will be FUBAR. So your really only hope, is for the kids that come out next.

    And dude. I’m sorry. I really REALLY know exactly what you are going through. And you can not believe the hurt you feel when you realize.. You are better used as paycheck. Or a mean to an end.
    And you know what. Everything that Thunder dick does. They will blame you… Even if you are NOT THERE. That’s just how it is.

    Now.. IF THEY DO talk to you BEFORE they turn 18… This is what it will be like:

    Most of the time its just to ask for something. And that’s okay. I’m fine with that. But for all the things I use to do, and give them, Mom won out. I lost out. But now, its happening with my new son of another relationship that I thought was going ot be my saving grace. So Don’t HAVE ANOTHER!

    (More on that later)

    Even in a MOLD infested place that any animal rights activist would put you in jail for,.. yea. They Kids will still want to live there. Why? Cuz its easy. That’s all. They get use to low standards etc. Like wearing diapers till your about 6… NO JOKE. Or in your case, FREEDOM to be away from you and things that you may have such as rules about staying up or talking with boys. Etc. Lke I said. She made sure to tell them it was all YOUR fault because you let her use you to get to where she wanted to be in her life, and now.. Yea buddy.. You get it.

    So How did I deal with it when he called me and asked to see me again.

    I was cautions and kept it short.

    It took a while for me to get back in their lives. But only one boy ever really calls me.

    The oldest does not really care. You must be prepared for that. You may get one, but NOT the other.

    The KEY here is to show them you care MORE for yourself then you do them. I know f~~~ed right? But Let them know how good it is that they are so happy where they are. Do it, and praise their mother for being SO GOOD to them. Your job is to make them feel like they really are getting a raw deal, and the grass is so much better over there. AND YOU ARE SO HAPPY! (it’s a f~~~ing joke…. But yea…)

    Your JOB is to make sure the suckers NEVER call you again. if they REALLY feel that way. Then you got your answer. I got another boy that I KNOW has loyalty to me and will never let that crap happen and is not stupid. You must wait till about 9 years old. later for some kids, My son is very bright. Got it at 7-8 years old.

    Now if you do find out there is some long term problem, then you have a chance to put your head in. But not until they are 13, and by then. Dude, its over. But good luck. If they run away, then you can maybe make inroads. But bro, I am telling you. Its damaged goods at this point. And mom will make your life hell. But try. The key is to having THEM come to you. It’s the only way.

    The best thing you can do is start over. But on YOUR terms if you see the need. Nothing makes kids come to their senses when they see your other kids having the time of their life. It only works with boys. Not girls. Sorry for the bad news. But it true. Even if its them saying hell no I wont go. Hey will blame you that you did not convince them or get them. No Joke. (You can tell I have tons of experience with this. Perks of being in the military at one time.

    But again, you know what’s out there..


    Population. INFINITY!

    Where nothing makes sense.

    Sorry bro. I mean that deep down.

    Just keep thinking of the grandkids. They can’t EVER take that away from you.

    If there is one thing I want to make CLEAR to you. You were amazing. And WOMEN HATE amazing. I


    AND nothing you could have done could have saved this.

    Not even if you had a million dollar paycheck to her in 10 years. She would still have done this. So money MEANS NOTHING BRO.

    But dick size? I’m still figuring that one out.

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this. http://register-her.net/web/guest/home


    I had to make a video response to this. I had real trouble with this. And I felt I had to do this. To often words do not convey the real emotion that is depicted by texts.

    Again, with full respect.
    Hardcoded link to video.

    Video is unlisted. Please be respectful when sharing it.

    I promise the ending will be light hearted. May be even a laugh.

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this. http://register-her.net/web/guest/home


    To the OP – that was epic.

    Xavier Malory
    Xavier Malory

    I actually felt bad rating your post up. You put a lot of pain, hardship, suffering, and unfair treatment, on this site, reliving your pain. I don’t want to rate it up because frankly it shouldn’t be here, because it shouldn’t exist. Its f~~~ing unfair, but I give you a rating up because you share it to help others with their pain. For me, this makes me thank god every day for what I do have with my child.

    I’ll count the days with you: 1131 to go.

    Thank you for doing all you’ve done.

    The trouble with "Facts" and "Opinions" is the average idiot thinks they're synonyms.

    Bozo Bus
    Bozo Bus

    My therapist gave me some very good advise when he said what would you do if they weren’t your daughters and treated you like they do. I wouldn’t have anything to do with them was the answer. He said then that’s what you do.I sent them a letter setting the groundwork for a relationship with me. I haven’t seen or heard from one of them for over 15 years.The other for about 10 years.It hurts at times, but it just isn’t worth it. I concentrated on working on myself, spiritually, financially, physically and all other matters of life. Today about $500,000 lighter I am a happy man with a very good life. I was a teacher also, but I started buying older homes, fixing them up and selling them. I guess they call it Flipping today.I paid for both of their college educations, but there was no thanks just a FU when the got all they wanted from me.Today life as good as I continue on the path of Enlightened self interest.

    I am Spartacus
    I am Spartacus

    Last time I saw my daughter she was 10 and a half. Stood there and told me she didn’t want to see me and she wanted to be adopted by my ex’s boyfriend. Mind you didn’t see her but once for a year and a half (not for the lack of trying). Show up for my visit and no one would be home. Or the lights would go out when I showed up for my visit. No answering of phone calls. No reply of texts. I fought with my ex for years in court just so I could see her. I had shared visitation. 3 days a week. My ex made allegations that my room mate and his kids were molesting my daughter. She was 6 at the time. They took away my shared visitation and went to every other weekend. (investigation was cleared of course) no wrong doing happened at all. About a year and a half later my ex made the same allegations against me. Of course I was cleared, but…..
    She dropped her motion in court. So the investigation and everything that was said was moot. My daughter’s attorney. ( yes a real thing) Told me later on that my daughter was being coached by my ex. The teachers, principle, friends, neighbors, co workers were all involved. P.S. I work in law enforcement and could have lost my career over this. The ex was found in contempt for not letting my daughter talk to me on the phone though. (verbal reprimand) A week later… no answer to the phone. My visit didn’t happen because my daughter told me she didn’t have to go, mommy said so. and ran in the house. Didn’t see her for the next year and a half. She finally came out to tell me she didn’t want to see me and she wanted to be adopted by my ex wife’s boyfriend. (worse pain imaginable) I had an angry daughter, an exwife who would fight tooth and nail for spite, and a court system that sides with women. (lose, lose battle) I gave them what I they wanted. Fast forward. My daughter is 20 now. Reached out when she was 18. was asked what took me so long to do so. It only took about 12 phone calls later for me to see that she was her mothers daughter. It was just like talking to my exwife. The last phone call ended badly. My daughter became very disrespectful to me. So what did I do? I gave her truth. The horrible dirty truth. Logic. She didn’t like it. She said I was calling her mother a whore. That her mother would never cheat. I gave her the math. I had a vasectomy (thank god for that life saving medical procedure!!) 2 years after she was born. My exwife was cheating on me (shocking I know) She got pregnant. We were still married. I had to get disproven as the father (DNA swab) In court my ex told the judge she didn’t know who the father was , it was between 2 men neither being me. My daughter was in disbelief. Still haven’t talked to me yet. It’s been over a year. I’m ok with it though. Why ? Because before that it was my exwife controlling her. Now it is strictly my daughters choice. I haven’t seen her in so long truthfully I don’t know her. I’ve grown hardened. I wouldn’t even recognize her if I passed her on the street. Your story is my story. I’m just further along than you. I am Spartacus! But now so are you. Just like every other man on this board. MGTOW. A helpful shield so to speak. Knowledge is power.

    "I am Spartacus!", said Spartacus.................and everyone around him.


    I was saddened to read the OP’s tale. It seems that his suffering comes from wanting something that he can’t have, or has no power to achieve. The Buddhist perspective would be to set aside the desire, recognise things as they are and do one’s beat from that starting point. To that end, I have three observations.

    1) Regarding the money, we can all see it’s absurd so don’t pay. Men do not just hand their money over to thieves, court orders and laws be damned. The worst that can happen is that you go to jail or are homeless. You’ve done the second and the first is no big deal. However, we’d prefer to avoid these eventualities so that leads me on to

    2) As someone suggested above, a qualified teacher has a lot of scope to work abroad. You’ll walk into a reasonably good job in Japan, for example, and have a better standard and quality of life than in the USA, especially in your circumstances. I strongly recommend that you emigrate. As someone else said, teaching can be a grind so I think it’s also a very good idea to develop another string to your bow, that might become your main string down the line.

    3) Families… I believe family members should support each other no matter what. I have relatives for whom I would drop everything and charge through hellfire if they needed me. I also have relatives who have forfeited my loyalty by not assisting me when I was really in need. No prizes for guessing their gender. So now I wouldn’t p~~~ on them if they were on fire. If one of my relatives rejected me as the OP describes, I’d consider it a permanent arrangement. There’s an argument for giving a 13 year old a pass, especially if she comes to her senses in later years, but I personally wouldn’t. As ye sow, so shall ye reap – which seems not to compute for females.


    The Divorce courts are a women’s best friend because of how easily they can make money and the fact that they rarely get in trouble. Daddy State taking care of its little girl while f~~~ing over the men.

    Marriage and Divorce for a man is like getting a cactus shoved up your ass. It’s painful with all the spines that go in and it is painful getting all the spines out, meanwhile Wifey gets most of the money, your home, your kids, and practically everything you own.


    may 7 2020,

    Your post is the very first post I’ve read since becoming a member of MGTOW. The things you’ve been through are so unjust. Abandonment, parental alienation and being denied access to your children, would normally be seen by a judge as reasons for change of custody. I’m in the beginning phases of my divorce. I’ve been separated for over two years. I have a good career so that’s helping with my legal fees. My lawyer is from Cordell & Cordell which fights for Men’s rights. I just hope everything goes according to plan for the sake of my son.


    For me, you need to just keep grinding at showing the kids you want to see them. Keep all records of you wanting contact as one day the kids will want answers. Kids to get told dad is this and that and they can’t think for themselves, but as they get older they will start to question mother on why they never saw you. You need to be ready then as say look here is evidence..


    Abandonment, parental alienation and being denied access to your children, would normally be seen by a judge as reasons for change of custody.

    Good luck with that, Brother. “Normally” is not what I once thought it was.

    My daughters are now 18 and 21. I don’t know them anymore. I just hope there is a special place in Hell for women who do this. A very special place.


    They are DAUGHTERS, so in truth you NEVER had them.

    Walk away.


    I would level that place with a nuke strike.

    Shakespeare put a line in one of his plays, “kill all the lawyers.” So far, it ain’t happening.

    BTW, I’m on Shakespeare’s side on this one.

    Jesus said something similar about lawyers, although he didn’t say “kill”, but I am sure that’s what he meant.

    It took me nearly 35 years to understand that my mother lied to me constantly about my father.

    I am still unraveling all the lies my mother told about my father, long after he had been deceased. I think the stress from her killed him, not the cancer. Or the stress from her allowed the cancer to grow in the body.

    Everything my mother has ever said about anything has been a lie.

    May 7 2020, do you have any way of making a s~~~-ton of money in the next few years? Focus on that, I’d say.


    There is no greater weapon than words. That’s why right to bear arms is a close second to the far more powerful free speech.

    Tell your children that everything their mother says is a lie, and that the court system is stacked against men. Say it only once, calmly, and make sure it is heard. Then get off the phone and leave it be. The truth will set everyone free.

    If the thought festers in their minds, then they will look to see if it is true, and will go through their own discovery, and that’s the best way. But if you do not make them aware of it in this way, they will not know to look for it.


    I would caution saying that to daughters. To son’s, yes it is a good idea to handle the situation calmly and your way.

    But when it comes to daughters, it’s a hard sell. Remember the process of the truth is diffrent for females.

    For example, IF you live better then they do, then they will get angry at you about that. They don’t understand it the same way a boy does. To them, it just seems unfair if you have the better life.

    The idea of someone being strong, coming in like a knight and saving the day works so much better.

    You have to think of it like a child, and with a Disney Angle.

    The reason why young women are so easy to fall in line is the IDEA is planted. The IDEA has to be almost Magical for this to take shape. It needs to be about them, and you slaying the dragon if that makes sense.

    You are not just a father to a girl. YOU ARE THE HERO. You need to interact with them in ways that get this solid HERO image in their minds.

    Overall, this is just a ploy to keep their minds busy. They will still see what is happening, and as you know, children learn to adapt to their surroundings. So if they see mom bad mouthing you, that is the behavior Daughters>girls>WOmen they will follow.

    Girls that had that strong father in their lives, imitate that role model. Female’s copy behavior. They also imitate what they see. Giving them books that change a girls mind to see men as the hero’s and Fathers as Men who mimic the notion of the dangers of following the herd are better. Like the 3 pigs but with evil mom as the villain.

    The problem is that girls if you take a look at it are BOMBARDED with negative messages programing them. I hate to say this, VERY FEW WOMEN have the “SPARK”

    It is a term the Nazi’s used to describe intelligence. (But please correct me on that)

    This would be the typical tomboy. There are a few young female youtubers that exhibit this kind of behavior. You can see it if you look for it. But then they have this change that takes place as they grow older. Its like their mind is fighting the logic of their experience vs. their instincts.

    That is why, strict rules are followed and women are hellraisers in some old fashioned schools that make sure young women understand that women are selfish, and men are good. It literally takes beating into to them for women to grow as a person. They have to see that men are the ones that will always treat them fairly, but are not going to give in to their instincts.

    Again, the idea seems wrong, but the rebellious nature of women come with a price. As long as they see the “Image” of men being the ones that they want to be like, then they will see the value of fathers, AND mothers.

    The idea to bad mouth a mother never works out well. But the truth is going to have to come in stories rather than the hard truth.

    Like I said. Think like a kid when you talk to your daughters. You can be their father, just don’t forget your job is to do the BEST you can do to change a girls view of her self and what she see’s around her.

    Remember. Females follow the herd. In order to discourage that. You got an uphill battle. But it CAN be done.

    The VERY BEST way you can do this is to make sure the boys at her school get RED PILLED.

    Its what is working right now. That is where I have been focusing my efforts.

    My next project is to make more Youtube shows, and comic books along with other media that allows boys to see the red pills, and show them the dangers. GIrls will follow the boys lead.

    And if girls want a chance in hell in the future.. what their moms have taught them is going to be a very rude surprise.

    Remember we were taught that girls with jobs are COOL. WE are the ones that were TOLD that women should have jobs and at one time thought this was a good idea. And we at one time or another encourage our women to seek this. And that it would be a good idea to get with women in fields we were in.. WHAT A F~~~ING LIE.

    If we tell these next generation of boys what girls are really up to, they will see it for what it is.

    The Idea of Love, romance, etc are already planted into these girls minds. THEY ARE TAUGHT TO IDOLIZE PEOPLE. The magazines always tell these girls how to get a boyfriend, and talk bad about boys all day long.

    Men are Objects. NOT WOMEN as Old Anita Sarkeesian likes to point out.

    I don’t know HOW or what would be best to teach young girls that the ideals that we were told they had, would be the ideals they live for.

    Its strange. But it seems like in the past we were duping them. But in reality, we were just telling them the truth. Being a Good wife, or partner or actually accountable, and knowing they have the power to destroy an entire world should not be taken lightly.

    The Prince has had it with being mistreated. And its time these young women understand that they are being replaced in the future and the goal of their lives is to be women that not only other women can look up to, BUT BE HUMANS. The ones that save the day with their hearts.

    The Idea of My little pony was clear. GIRLS have the HEART to change the world if they just did that for GOOD. ALL of our problems could be solved in ONE YEAR.

    GI Joe had female characters remember? They showed the GOOD and the BAD.

    We need to start informing the boys out there, what women can be. And that they are not all roses. And young girls need some of that as well.

    Wish I knew how to do it. My 2 girls I raised are lost. Good luck to the rest of you.

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this. http://register-her.net/web/guest/home


    May 7 2020 wrote:So what else is there? I spent more money that I should have fighting a fight I could not win using logic that had no place in court, pleading to a Judge F~~~wit who won awards for fairness from local woman’s advocacy groups, giving money to a lawyer who put his teacher wife through grad school and probably costing me a shot at a job, all to have my 13 year old girl tell me to f~~~ off.

    I have a grown daughter who is finished and out of college who would not see me the last couple of times
    I made the 250 mile trip.

    Nothing I can do now but have hope that she does
    not turn out like her mother.

    I do feel for you May 7 2020. I truly understand

    I am positive my heavenly father
    will give a personal thank you
    to the judge who handled
    my child support case.

    The regulation of private rights is redundant
    to the constitution.
    Our Family should be the most private part
    of our life. It should be off limits to
    the federal government. I have been the victim
    of an unconstitutional bill of attainder indirectly
    caused by a federal child support enforcement “SCAM”

    That is what Child support is a big “SCAM”

    They named me as the “OBLIGOR” on the child support paperwork. Like seeing to the needs of my child is
    an obligation.

    I say a man does not have an obligation to support
    his children until their 18th birth date.

    I say a man has a right to see to the needs
    of his children for their entire lives.

    Young girls will see things from the mothers
    perspective not the fathers.
    All we can do is hang on to what little hope
    we have that they will gain some understanding
    about the loyalty of a father.

    I will always be ready to answer if my daughter calls
    on me. Until then I just remember her eyes came from
    me and my heavenly father. All three the same green.
    Mine full of tears from time to time when I think about
    how much I would love to look into hers and say I love you.

    May 7 2020 My thoughts and prayers are with you brother.

    I was bound to be misunderstood, and I laugh at those who misunderstand me. Kind mockery at the well intentioned, but unfettered cruelty towards those would be prison guards of my creative possibilities. This so as to learn as much from misunderstanding as from understanding. Taking pleasure in worthy opponents and making language fluid and flowing like a river yet pointed and precise as a dagger. Contradicts the socialistic purpose of language and makes for a wonderful linguistic dance, A verbal martial art with constant parries that hone the weapon that is the two edged sword of my mouth.

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