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    Good morning gentlemen.

    It’s been a minute since I’ve been on this site. Of course, the best thing about MGTOW is, once you have excepted the premise, you can dip in and out. Because commitment sucks lol.

    Last time I was on here I was about to embark on a new path, following my dream of working in Mental health. It has been a journey for sure, but I ended up in a position that is a good fit for me. I am an orderly at a psychiatric hospital. The pay sucks and I’m back on the bottom, but I love the work. For most people it’s a dead end job, but because of my education and aspirations it will be a good career booster. Plus, f~~~ing crazy people are awesome. They put a smile on my face.

    There is a big drawback to the field. Most of the people who work in Mental Health are female: doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. Of course they do it to propagate the fallacy that women are caregivers and above reproach for their lack of ethics. Yet most of them can’t even do their jobs properly. Before I dive into that subject, a general observation about work:

    I have always been a hard worker. I had my first job at 9. While there is always advantages to hard work, one of the drawbacks is that as soon as you are identified as being a hard worker with half a brain, rather than be appreciated, your coworkers are going to think, “hey, we can take advantage of this guy!”.

    My supervisors reached this point a few weeks ago. Even though I am only classified as a 32 hour employee I am constantly scheduled for 40 hours. The evil Nurse Ratchid of the unit is constantly on my ass. They asked me to work one double, then ANOTHER 5 minutes before my weekend was supposed to start. So of course I do it. I’m the only orderly on the floor after doing an overnight, with a whole crew of fresh day people. Let’s briefly review them:

    Most veteran- female, and with 10 years experience. She also has some medical training and does sample collection. I don’t fault her, she’s doing job.

    Young female- everything MGTOW understands. She wants the job for the reason stated above. Her displayed personality is the tough bitchy girl who nothing is ever good enough for. She constantly talks about wanting a luxury car and other stuff, while constantly dating a string of men. You guys know what’s going on there. She’s in the exam room with the female lead.

    Second female- doing a good job. She gives off a lesbian vibe (I work with a lot of them), do to her prison style tats and truck driver clothing, but she’s doing what she’s supposed to. She’s on checks, a mental health stable. You have to visually confirm each patient’s condition at regular intervals. When you are on checks you cannot, by law, do any other work.

    Simp boy- he trained me until I told supervisors I wanted someone else. He’s a young attractive guy, on the small side for Psychiatric, with some experience. He thinks he has way more wisdom than he displays. He spends most of his time hitting on any double X chromosome that walks by him, regardless of marriage or orientation. Constantly talking about his white knight exploits. He finds hiding spots so he doesn’t have to do work or interact with patients. He’s in the day room hitting on trucker girl.

    And now for the purpose of this thread. What went down-

    Despite being the least experienced and having worked a double, I’m running the whole floor by myself. Staff, patients, everyone is coming up to me to deal with their problems. Maintenance men are asking me to deal with stuff. Patients have needs to be met. Social workers are asking me to identify their patients. Im literally helping 4 people at a time. Im asked to deal with a patient no one will work with because all the others (female) are ‘scared ‘ of her (more on that later). Shes a ‘Linda Blair’, a screamer but actually harmless. In the midst of all this, a social worker (pregnant female) is trying to meet with one of her patients. This patient is also a Linda Blair. She aggressively screams “F~~~ YOU YOU C~~~!!!” and storms off. It was tense for a second, but I didn’t feel it was dangerous, and there were two other staff next to her. I went back to my work.

    Shortly after, the nurse supervisor slides up to me. “What happened back there?”, with a smirk on her face.

    “What do you mean ‘what happened ‘? Its a psych hospital. She’s psychotic “.

    “Well, make sure you get involved “. And she walks off.

    Later, I’m in the office doing my paperwork. She comes in and proceeds to lecture me on what happened. According to her, I should have run down the hall and shielded the social worker’s pregnant body with my own. I already figured out the social worker was shook by what happened, and complained to the nurse supervisor.

    The director comes in, and proceeds to give me the same lecture. Despite several staff members nearby, I’m supposed to race across the hall and act as a human shield for this fetus condo.

    I wasn’t having it. Long story short, I put both of them in their place. They can’t afford to lose me, so they back down. And they know they’re wrong. Let’s break that down, shall we?

    – All staff are responsible for restraints, Hospital policy. We are specifically told you can’t just expect large males to do the work.

    – 2 people are always supposed to do a restraint. Where’s my backup? In the day room flirting with trucker girl.

    – they used the excuse she’s pregnant. If your physical condition is such that you can’t do your job, you shouldn’t be at work.

    – if you get shook by a patient yelling at you, you’re in the wrong field.

    I discussed the incident with a few trusted employees. One is a cool gangsta lesbian chick who I actually respect. She thinks like a man, so I appreciate her.

    “You supposed ta get punch in the face for these people when all they do is use us? Nah, f~~~ that”.

    I also asked another orderly, a man who has extensive experience in the field. He has the most restraint/ physical de-escalation experience of everyone on the unit. He is also a conservative so we trust each other. He completely agrees with me.

    What’s the point of all this? Well, it’s the universal truth of all jobs. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or what you do right. The minute you do something wrong, they are all over you. Yeah, I could have tackled the patient, beat up on a mentally disabled woman. But what would that have helped? Well, it would have made a pregnant woman conflicted about her life choices feel like the little princess she wishes she was.

    I’m back gentlemen! Thanks for having me.

    Quit looking at my signature, queer-mo.

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