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    Vajra Varaha
    Vajra Varaha

    In another thread one of our own pointed out the monetary value of alkeeehol.
    I started this thread to expand on that economic dissertation.

    In these troubled times where the sky is falling and the courts are against anyone with a Y chromosome, I’d like to harken back to my historical roots in Appalachia and remind each of our brethren that each and every person has the right to produce a certain quantity of Alkeehol for personal use. In my state it’s 50 gallons a year without the need of a license. Of course personal use means I have to use this water of life myself. Now it’s a struggle to use 50 gallons myself but by God I will persevere and find a way to not let that ALKEEHOL not go to waste.

    Like mixing up some hand sanitizer for the farmers markets, sold at a “reasonable” mark up of course……preferably to pumpkin and her brood of fatherless hellions.

    More importantly, I’d like to remind our brethren to do their homework. Distilled spirits have a lengthy history in this country as CURRENCY. Known as a COMMODITY CURRENCY! As far back as colonial times and even back further, distilled alcohol was a stable STORABLE substance that was tradable for just about anything. Those of you who suffer in blue states may not have this tidbit of knowledge. Those of us from the Mason Dixon line are used to thinking outside the box. And never lost this history of using alcohol as money.

    Alcohol has extensive uses besides being liquid panty remover. You can drink it, sterilize with it, numb pain, clean with it, pickle and store food with it, start fires with it, produce light with lamps, etc. And of course it makes even the most repulsive pumpkin tolerable, perhaps even dare I say, f*ckable….

    Might I recommend during these troubling times when we are isolated and alone, that we should all invest in a copper still of our own and begin producing the magical liquid ALKEEHOL?

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